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At The End Of One Of The Odder Weeks Of My Life

Stayed  up basically all night long for two night as I became obsessed with a school science project (and to keep my word that "Trust me, this will get done on time"), to a DWI jury trial, and then finished off with marathon weekend hospital visits (all is good and I'll leave that part vague), I can only say . . .

. . . I could stare at the Phil Collins Puppy for hours.


Anonymous said...

It's all good, Barry - no matter where I am when that song comes on, something's gonna get a drum solo played on it, though in my case it's never been a puppy.

Bear said...

I'm sure your clients like hearing that you worked all weekend on a high school project and are not prepared for them.

Anonymous said...


That would be an assumption on your part, now wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

shaken puppy syndrome?

Bear said...


He stated that he worked all weekend and stayed up all night to get the project done. Do you not need to sleep on weekends to be ready for work on Monday?

Most people do. And if you are a lawyer and have a client's life in your hands, don't you owe it to them to be prepared to work to the best of your ability on Monday?

If not, please publish your name so I can stay away from your business.