Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Liberally Lean Pick 'Em standings. 
  • Ted Cruz is running for president! Ted Cruz is running for president! Take it to the bank: He will get crushed. 
  • Conservative talk show hosts were already asking for other potential Republican candidates to not "snipe" at him. Translation: Even other Republicans are going to point out that he's a nutcase.
  • Fox News (Hannity or O'Reilly) this time of year will always have Spring Break stories complete with footage of girls in bikinis and then they use it as an excuse to talk about the depravity of today's younger generation. 
  • I've focused recently on what seems to be an increase in police shootings. The Dallas Morning News' Steve Blow wrote an article about the same thing over the weekend. I would suggest you read it but it's boring. Do I believe I could do a better job than that guy? Absolutely. 
  • The official tax payer funded Tarrant County website has this about new DA Sharen Wilson: "Wilson remained on the bench for 23 years, developing a reputation as 'Tarrant County’s toughest criminal court judge.'” Isn't that the equivalent of an ad? By the way, there were two "not guilty" verdicts under her administration last week.  That doesn't mean the prosecutors were bad, but it might mean they were scared to dismiss the case or offer a reasonable plea bargain. 
  • I'm not sure why the Update promotes the group whose focus is the "sovereignty, security and self-sufficiency of Texas and promotes its eventual independence."  Do they pay for that mention?
  • There was a controversy in Austin last week when someone posted “Exclusively for White People” stickers on some businesses. It turned out to be a lawyer who has created some embarrassing videos in the past which even I have reposted.
  • "Some rocks you don't turn over". - From the last episode of Better Call Saul.
  • The Supreme Court today will hear oral arguments regarding whether the State of Texas can refuse to issue a license plate with the Confederate Flag emblem on it. I would think the answer is no. If the government gets in the business of tricked up license plates, it can't be in a position to decide which ones are "appropriate". 
  • Which reminds me of a comment posted from Friday in response to my bullet point about the Northwest ISD's kid's fictional writings. When I say something is an interesting free speech issue, that doesn't mean I endorse the speech. How anyone cannot understand that it mindboggling. 
  • I'm not a fan of The Ticket's Corby Davidson but he did a great job with Mike Doocy last night on Fox 4 when he took a shot at Dale Hansen.Texas House 
  • Texas State Representative Jason Villabala filled a bill limiting when citizens can video cops and deservedly took heat for it on social media. So he began blocking all critics including a student reporter. Think about that. A government representative does not want to hear views the differ from his own nor answer questions.