Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • New Dallas County DA on why she fired her most trusted assistant after three months: “He’s first assistant, I’m the district attorney, and when there is tension between the two of us and conflict between the two of us, this office deserves more.” - Susan Hawk. Let me tell you, something beyond weird has to be going on in that office. 
  • A Dallas police helicopter had its windshield blown out by a bird last night? That just seems weird to me. 
  • Controversial new Cowboy Greg Hardy last night on Instagram: “I don’t Care If U Like Me, I Like Me and God knows all so I pray he Blesses America, The Cowboys and no place else #happy to have an opportunity #WorkLikeUAlwaysDo#Harder#Hardy#sackscoming#goodmorning all real Kraken fans I love u guys.”  My head is spinning. 
  • The Cowboys are doing an awful job putting a spin on his signing. Instead of pointing out he was never convicted and we really don't know the facts, they paint the signing as a chance to "rehabilitate" him. Come on. Just say, "He can rush the passer. That will make us better. That will allow us to win. When we win, we make more money." In this day and time we'd all respect that since we all know it is true. 
  • Two churches in Decatur close to the square have fantastic music which kicks off at the top of every hour. But they go off at the exact same time which causes the greatest noise pollution ever. We've got a Methodist vs. Baptist music smackdown going down. 
  • I'm still giddy about Ted Cruz running for president. How can a guy so smart (yep, he is) not know what is about to hit him? This is going to be brutal. It reminds me of Grizzly Man -- oblivious to danger.
  • I blew past Bill O'Reilly last night when he was reading email and someone criticized the Wounded Warriors Project for spending up to almost 50% of contributions for "administrative costs" when other organization take a fraction of that. O'Reilly explained the percentage was higher because the Wounded Warrior organization was "larger" so it had more marketing costs. I hit the pause button and just thought, "What? That makes no sense." (A little Googling shows that O'Reilly and that project are a little too cozy. Meaning: He and Fox News are a big part of the marketing costs.)
  • Did I see where Cruz got a whole hour on Hannity last night? Fair and Balanced? How much would that cost if it were an infomercial which it basically is.
  • Mrs. LL's mom saw me jogging yesterday, stopped and handed me a birthday card for Mrs. LL, and then I jogged the rest of the way holding it. (It was a short distance but I kind of felt like a super UPS guy.) 
  • From the Update: "The Decatur City Council yesterday agreed to move forward with phase 2 of the initial period study for the expansion of the Decatur Civic Center which includes a Fairfield Inn and Suites which would be built next to the facility." Does this involve taxpayer funds? And does any small town have more hotels than Decatur? 
  • "A 12-year-old boy was taken arrested at school on Friday on manslaughter charges. The juvenile suspect admitted to police that he had been playing with the gun at his friend's house. He said he thought it was unloaded when he pulled the trigger. 'We truly believe, that this 12-year-old believed this gun wasn't loaded at the time he pulled the trigger,' said Joe Harn of Garland police."  Whatever lawyer defends that kid has the easiest job in the world. That's the second time in a week that cops have charged someone and called the event an accident. Edit: For those questioning this, you might want to study the word reckless as it is defined in the Texas Penal Code. How can he be actually "aware of but consciously disregard" a risk when he "truly believe[d]" there was no risk?  He wasn't charged with criminally negligent homicide. And aside from any legal defense, you want to prosecute that kid after that cop's statement? Edit 2: Buddy, when the legislature defines a term, it no longer matters what you were predisposed to believe what that term means. That link above was to an opinion explaining everything you need to know between the difference between criminal recklessness and criminal negligence. I'm not being critical. Most criminal defense lawyers and practitioners have no idea about the difference. Edit 3: Let's do it this way. I put a bullet in a revolver, spin the chamber like in Russian Roulette, and fire at my buddy because I'm a moron. I don't intend for him to die (murder). I don't know he is going to die (also murder). But I'm actually aware of that risk of death and I consciously disregard it (manslaughter). But in the news story the cop said the kid didn't believe the gun was loaded. That is, he did not have actual awareness there was a risk. He maybe ought to have known of the risk (now were getting into the area of criminal negligence), but it's not manslaughter.