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So What's Fox News Tweeting This Morning?

Allow me to repost my fourth bullet point from Monday Morning Random Thoughts:
  • Fox News (Hannity or O'Reilly) this time of year will always have Spring Break stories complete with footage of girls in bikinis and then they use it as an excuse to talk about the depravity of today's younger generation. 


Katy Anders said...

I am glad a news source blew the lid off of that story! Otherwise, I would have had to wait for the Girls Gone Wild videos...

Triple Fake... said...

Yes, it was a timely post there, Nostradamus. Nicely done.
But the odds of your prediction actually happening are roughly equal to the odds of the Globetrotters pranking the Washington Generals.
Kids have been going wild on spring break ever since somebody thought it up. And conservative folk have been railing against it for about the same amount of time. The only twist is that the kids keep coming up with new and exciting ways to deprave themselves

Anonymous said...

"Drug dealers know that if they change one little molecule in the drug, they won't be able to detect it in a drug test. So they're changing molecules in the drugs..."

Wait, what??? That's some Walter White level cooking going on, if that's actually happening.

I call shenanigans.

Anonymous said...


It does happen. You can change the molecular structure of a drug slightly without changing the effects on the body. Most drugs are tested using gas chromatography. GC is super sensitive with regards to molecular weight and structure. Oxycontin and codeine, although very similar, will be very distinct using GC.

DF Walter White

Anonymous said...

9:33 -

Thanks, after your comment I realize I misunderstood. I thought she was saying that changing a molecule would allow the user to avoid detection under a drug test. I didn't think about cops testing the actual substance found.

Guess I should stop half-watching/listening to stuff while I'm "working."

Anonymous said...

Well, thank goodness no self-respecting liberal would use half-naked girls as the lead for half-baked leftist musings.

Anonymous said...


Technically, there is some truth to the drug test thing. Particularly with the synthetic cannabinoids. An organic chemist will alter the structure just enough that it still gets one high, but since it is new, it may or may be detectable in an existing drug test.
Check the structures out here (very similar, but different):

Anonymous said...

Touche! You win.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that why they call it Fox News?

Anonymous said...

I really have no problem with a network catering to their audience.

It would be just as easy to predict John Stewart making a bit out of this or some other nonsense they do on Fox. And guess what, he would simply be catering to his audience.

Who cares, move on to something less predictable that actually matters.

Anonymous said...

Today's teens and 20-30 yr. olds are a disgrace and embarrassment.

What's the big deal again?

Triple Fake... said...


Anonymous said...

This coming from the guy who brings us pics of college-aged girls in skimpy bikinis every weekday, year round.

Anonymous said...


That's cute! And look at all the others giving you a high five like you just made a great point.

Barry's blog is something he writes for fun and to rile up all you hillbillys.

Weasel News is supposed to be real news.

Anonymous said...

Jesse Watters is the only Fox News man-on-the-street guy that I have seen. Watters has appeared on FNC a lot and attempts to show how vapid & ignorant the left really is. Watters succeeds more often than not although liberals easy targets.

Do you remember Grant Stinchfield's take down of the Dallas Occupy movement when they were camping in a city park? Watters stuff is typically like that.

Anonymous said...

What's cute, 1:52, is you sticking up for Barry, as if he needs it.

Anonymous said...

Attack Fox News for nothing...and yet, not a word about the various Obama and Hillary scandals?

You must be a liberal lawyer or something. You rock dude.