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Get Me This Three Legged Abused Dog!

Although he now looks pretty happy just where is.


Anonymous said...

Dadgum, my allergies sure do get bad this time of year.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know the twisted individual who could do this, put it to sleep or give it away, but the leg thing, come on. A little Sharia law would be in order here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks BG. I donated. Let's see how much the regulars on here can donate!

Anonymous said...


Well, this video makes me sick! How can humans be do ignorant and mean?

The resources spent on this could've been used to help feed hungry humans in that same town. It could've been used to educate those unfortunate children in those slums.

Thirty feet?
Nope. Maybe ten.

Nope. Inner city drainage ditch.

Nope? Something tells me that queer wouldn't know an emergency if he saw one.

How many times did he say "someone threw him in the river and cut off his leg"?

Need attention much?

If he truly cared he'd put the phone down and just do the job instead of worrying about the notariety.

No one just cuts the leg off of a dog. I've owned and loved multiple three-legged dogs. Birth defects and cars are what causes that.

And finally....THATS the house that nasty dog ended up at?!?

Nasty dwelling.