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Random 1975 Index Page

  • That "Rental Housing Survey" is interesting for the way they broke down the ages and the income. 
  • I'm not sure what the "Authorized" King James version of the Bible is. 
  • And chance that guy didn't find out he could win $7.50?


Anonymous said...

If I had to guess, the "authorized" version of the KJV is the one authorized by the Southern Baptist Convention or some similar denomination. Growing up, I had an "approved" bible published by the publishing arm of my denomination, and (despite warnings IN THE BIBLE not to do so), they added some pages on the end with scriptures that everyone "must know" and laid out their "only true plan of salvation."

Ahhh, fundamentalism. They're the only ones who got it right, and the rest of us will burn forever in hell.

Anonymous said...

The "Authorized" version of the KJV Bible is the one Jesus would bring if He came to your church.

Anonymous said...

God has one way and since He paid the price He makes the rules. Not fundamentalism or other weird ways. Sorry humanism, you lose.

Baylor Too said...

The "Authorized King James Version" is the English translation of the bible that was authorized by King James in the year 1611. It is the original and oldest King James Bible (edits, corrections, and updates were added over the years), which is viewed by certain fundamentalist sects as the most accurate. These people believe that the Holy Spirit guided the translators in 1611 to create the accurate translation, and that subsequent versions and modern translations contain error.

Anonymous said...


Is that the version where the word "wine" doesn't mean wine, but Welch's Grape Juice? I didn't even know Welch's was around back in the days of Baby Jesus.

Anonymous said...

I think Skippy chose this page just to reminisce about the good ol' days "working" down @ Green's Emporium and Haberdashery with Bill Leonard, Jeanette Scroggins and all the girls.

Anonymous said...


I think you are exactly right.

Who'd a thought the Embers would end up being a library, Foodway would disappear, Corner Drug turned into a fitness center and Spot Cash into....what's in that building nowadays anyway? Last I can remember it was like Perry's or something like that.

Anonymous said...

...authorized, but evidently not spell-checked! Somebody should have proofed their ad.