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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I attended a retirement reception at the courthouse yesterday and met the guest of honor's mother. "You make me so mad because of what you write!!" she told me in equal amounts of authentic anger and sweetness.
  • I have a weird phobia of being in a crowded room full of people I know. My friends who know that love poking fun of me during those moments. "You gonna pass out?" 
  • Announced this morning: Wendy Davis made the cover of Texas Monthly's Bum Steer issue. 
  • KSCS's Terry Dorsey announced his retirement and it will come very quickly. I actually listened to the station a lot during the 1990s and he and Hawkeye were pretty funny. (And I actually saw him once at the old Garcia's restaurant in Decatur.)
  • Crazy story yesterday of a lady accused of killing her ex-husband and his adult child in Arlington. Two things: (1) She is in photos of the Open Carry group doing what they do, and (2) After the shooting she drove herself to a mental hospital which might just be a huge ruse. 
  • Up until this year I had never heard of a transverse process fracture. Now I'm aware of three football players who have experienced it since September: Cam Newton, Tony Romo, and Bryce Petty.
  • Nothing makes me cringe like seeing Dick Cheney being interviewed. The guy just seems perpetually unhappy.
  • Hey, anonymous commenters, I'm not going to post assertions of fact about someone which, if not true, could be defamatory.  
  • The Girls In The House (all of them) love Survivor.  I get got up in how the bits are edited to make them more competitive than they really were. 
  • The attorney for the ex-JP from Kaufman County quoted Jesus yesterday in opening statements during the punishment phase of the capital murder case. Be careful there, hoss.
  • The prosecutors in that case were appointed so they'll have to submit a bill. I hope some of the news stations find out how much it will be for. 
  • The head coach of Wisconsin left to become the head coach of Oregon State yesterday. Part of me thinks Wisconsin is a heck of a lot better job then Oregon State. Then again, I'd rather live in Oregon. 
  • How much did Kate Upton get paid to be in that video game commercial?  I bet it was a shockingly large amount. Successful video games just mint money. 
  • If I ever kill Mrs. LL, it will be because she is a pack rat. (I tried to find some super glue yesterday that I could have sworn she bought the other day. Then I opened a few drawers to look for it and realize we are the National Archives of Junk.) 
  • The Republican House "leaders unveiled a $1.1 trillion spending bill Tuesday night that would avert a partial government shutdown."
  • My favorite Christmas gift as a kid: A miniature Bat Mobile which I could actually sit on and ride down the driveway. It was funny because it was designed for your legs to extend over the hood. But, man, it was cool. (I tried to find an Internet picture without success). 
  • That first item in the Update is insane. A car left 380 and crashed a quarter of a mile from the highway? And the body is so burned that we don't know if it is male or female?