Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • "Sen. Charles Perry, R-Lubbock, filed a bill to decrease the number of teams advancing to the playoffs from each University Interscholastic League district from four to two." Not a bad idea but not exactly legislation worthy. 
  • I completely missed John McCain's condemnation of torture by the U.S. He might be my new hero. And Bill O'Reilly's treatment of him on Fox was embarrassing. 
  • Ran into the Junior In The House in the hallway about midnight last night. We exchanged simultaneous, "Where are you going?"
  • There was a shooting at a Fort Worth "club" last night and it drives me nuts that they never name the club.
  • Hey, whoever keeps sending me a comment about, "When are you going to talk about the resignation of [name redacted]?", I have no idea who that person is. 
  • I'll admit that I was confused by the budget vote yesterday and the anger of hardline Republicans. All the Democrats and a handful of right wingers gang up against the rank and file Republicans? 
  • Movies from this year that I'd be willing to watch: Boyhood, Wild, Gone Girl, and Nightcrawler. And the more I read about Gone Girl, the more I'm nervous about the fact that Mrs. LL went and saw it without me. 
  • I need to do my "worst person of the year" list again. 
  • The judge presiding over the trial of the Ex Kaufman JP for capital murder chastised the defense yesterday for repetitive witnesses. Hey, we are only talking about life and death. Let's move along. Sheesh. 
  • I sneezed yesterday and hurt my back. Not too bad, but it hurt all day. That scares me because I've heard that simple things like that can cause a disc to bulge. 
  • A conservative Denton County jury awarded a half million dollars in a slip and fall lawsuit against Walmart which the conservative Fort Worth Court of Appeals affirmed late yesterday? What is this? Bizarro World? 
  • I love the Cowboys visiting hospitals and food kitchens this time of year but, as I've said a million times, I'll give you credit when you don't tell the media you are going to do it. 
  • Mrs. LL gives me 100% immunity for whatever I write or whatever Random Thought Girl I post (hey, she knew what she was marrying), but last night I sensed she took offense to being called a "pack rat". But, on the bright side, she did track down the super glue I was looking for.
  • The Cowboys' and Little Elm native Cole Beasley was making the radio rounds yesterday. That guy has no personality and no sense of humor. And no one asked him about walking out of training camp his rookie year. 
  • Family Pup #2 (the rescue dog), who is well behaved but dumb as a box of rocks, somehow managed to get up on the kitchen table during the day when no one was there. (She had never done that before.) But, once up there, she wasn't smart enough to figure out how to get back down. She was stuck there in distress for what was probably hours. (This isn't her, but pretty much what she looks like.)
  • I once had an interview with a large law firm in Thanksgiving Tower. I remember being asked "What do you do for fun?" I dodged the question and the interviewer knew it. He then called me out on my answer. I should have just said, "I'm in law school. I don't have any fun."