Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • There's normally a Christmas star hanging from a crane off of the Landmark site south of Decatur on 287, but I haven't seen it this year.
  • There's a PSA to stop sexual abuse I saw this weekend which might be the most powerful thing I've seen in a long time. It depicts just a regular college kid who's not a muscle head doing something to stop it. 
  • Mrs. LL and I went down to the Baylor game this weekend: (1) Hey, guy beside me, you want to get control of your kid? (2) And there was the grumpiest old woman in the history of ever sitting in front us. Lady, if you don't want to be there, don't come. (3) The crowd was overall insanely loud with the exception of about 15 minutes in the 4th quarter when every realized Florida State and Ohio State would win.  Then everyone snapped out of it. (4) Shout out to an old college roommate who saw me on the bridge. (5) There were still a lot of Game Day signs on display. Funny, funny stuff. (6) Mrs. LL said she wanted popcorn but the stadium was sold out except for a bags which were big enough to feed an entire section. I bought one anyway. Her face was priceless when I returned. (7) Art Briles being shown on the video board after the game getting in the face of the Big 12 commissioner was a crazy scene that has been under reported 
  • Fox News is insane in general but their Saturday morning show is off the rails. I spent about 30 seconds on it and heard the three hosts blame the President for the current state of race relations. 
  • How much do you think 61 acres at I-35 and 114 just sold for? (That's just a link for the sale. I don't know the answer.)
  • A group of Navy SEALs had a failed mission over the weekend which ended up in two hostages being killed. And that occurred while two of its former members are profiting from writing about the Bin Laden raid. 
  • Someone called up Junior Miller on The Ticket this morning accusing him of having an anti-Baylor bias.  His recent ex-wife graduated from Baylor so that'll do it to you. I give him a pass. 
  • Mrs. LL and I watched Munich on Friday night. I think I know history but there are a ton of references in that film which were completely over my head. 
  • On the Karl Klement car lot south of Decatur, there are hundreds of white work trucks for sale. Who buys those? I mean, it seems like they are at least a third or more of the inventory. 
  • That wreck involving a teenager from Rhome described in the Update sounds horrific. Most accidents happen in a split second but this one sounds like you could see it coming. 
  • If you tried to get into Fort Worth from Wise County this morning. Good luck. I-35 was shut down between Basswood and 820 due to a fatal wreck. And it's still shut down.