Hot Sports Prediction Before The Final Four Announcement

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Florida State
4. Ohio State
5. Baylor
6. TCU

  • I said three weeks ago that the Committee would shoehorn Ohio State in there if they had any legitimate reason to do so. They do now.
  • ESPN and TV have tremendous power. Ohio State means ratings in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, et. al. as well as the general college football fan. Baylor and TCU don't bring that.  
  • I think Baylor jumps TCU so the Committee can give head to head, and the Committee, some credibility -- that's the only reason. 
  • The only thing which gives me pause about my predicted order is that they moved TCU to #3 above Florida State last week. My "shoehorn" theory about Ohio State has a flaw there. My predicted order of finish would be a no-brainer if they had put TCU at #4 last week.
  • But if they put TCU in the Final Four, they catch criticism for leaving Ohio State out and for letting them stay above Baylor after losing head to head. Putting Ohio State in is the safe political choice. 
  • This stuff is really fun.  Couldn't be prouder. 
  • If Baylor had to pay for the amount of TV time that "Baylor" has been seen or mentioned over the last two days, it would cost multi-millions of dollars. Same goes for TCU. 
  • I don't know if it is possible, but if Baylor and TCU are both left out, it would be epic to put them both in the Cotton Bowl for a rematch on a neutral field. 
Art Briles Chewing Out Big 12 Commissioner last night for not declaring "One True Champion". Why? Because he said he would back last summer during "media days":

Edit: Boom!!!! I'm un-retiring my Sports Genius status!

Double edit (stolen from someone else): You put a Longhorn sticker or a Sooner sticker on the side of the helmets of Baylor and TCU then one, or both, are in.