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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Wow: Wise County deputy shot a man last night who was allegedly pointing a BB gun at him. From the Update: "The deputy told him to drop it, and he kept walking toward the car and refused to drop the gun, pointing it at the officer." The man is in critical condition. 
  • Wise County records show no criminal history for the man who was shot. 
  • I can't recall the last time we had a deputy related shooting. (Besides the fleeing Colorado man from earlier this year.) 
  • There were 43 baseball "experts" for ESPN making preseason predictions. None of them had the Red Sox or the Cardinals in the World Series. 
  • From the "History In Pictures" twitter feed: "The remains of Vladimir Komarov, a man who fell from space.". (Graphic.) I'll Google it later, but I have no idea what that story is about. 
  • There has been a tarp since 2004 over the South end zone of Baylor's stadium because the stadium never sold out. It will be removed for the Oklahoma game a week from today. I wonder if it's nasty under that thing. (If they cut the tarp up and sold it, I'd buy a piece of it.)
  • The kids decorated the front yard yesterday for Halloween. They should have used a theme based upon the lack of fear of procrastination. (And the Fifth Grader in the House thought we should transform the garage into a Haunted House at about 7:00 p.m.  Umm, no.)
  • I don't have a costume for trick or treaters tonight but I do have a pair of khakis, a long sleeve Baylor shirt, and a Baylor cap. If I can find a headset . . . . Hello, Art Briles costume.
  • My streak of not watching a single minute of a Dallas Mavericks' game has begun.
  • Of the three assistant DAs in Wise County, one is going into private practice and the other is running for a district judgeship in Tarrant County. 
  • Over the last year I have monitored my emotions. You know, whether it be in moments of anger, anxiety, love, or disdain -- stopping in the moment and clinically thinking about why I'm feeling what I'm feeling. It's really fascinating. 
  • Government spending doesn't drive me nuts like it once did.  I wrote two years ago how our economy depends on it. 
  • The Family Pup wakes up with me when the alarm goes off. She'll look inquisitively at me and waits. If I hit the snooze button, she lays back down and goes back to sleep. If I rise up, she leaps off the bed because it's time to go outside. Makes my day start off with a giggle.