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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Cowboys: (1) Yesterday everyone was sure second guessing the three runs and a field goal on the Cowboys last possession. If Garrett had ordered Romo to take a knee three times and then punted as everyone seems to want in retrospect, he would have been torched for not trying, (2) So audio comes out of Dez Bryant being "positive" on the sideline early in the game during a rant with Tony Romo and everyone says he is owed an apology? Don't care. I want to know what happened between him and Witten, (3) Breaking: Jerry Jones just said on KRLD that Linebacker Brian Waters is probably out for the year, (4) Fox 4 had a graphic this morning where they referred to DeMarcus Ware as the Cowboy's "punt returner." 
  • The lawyer for former Cowboy Josh Brent, who is facing trial for Intoxication Manslaughter, was upset that the district clerk didn't immediately issue a subpoena. So what did he do? He filed a motion entitled "Motion to Compel District Clerk to Play Fair, Be Polite, and Do Their Job."  
  • You think Governor wannabe Greg Abbott was happy that most of the Texas anti-abortion law was struck down? Absolutely. Now he gets his free press as he appeals the decision. 
  • Here's a picture of the Texas judge who was forced to resigned after she was caught texting advice to a prosecutor during a trial.
  • What a crazy killing spree of five in Terrell last night. 
  • A caller to Mark Davis this morning said that Wendy Davis is the poster child for "looking at her kids every morning and saying I wish I never had you."  To his credit, Davis put him in his place for crossing the line. 
  • My annual rant: Candy Corn is nasty. 
  • Wonder Woman bathing suit "Hey, Now".
  • So George Will's intellectual opponent on his new Fox News gig will be Juan Williams? Aledo vs. Western Hills was more competitive. 
  • There was a story on at least two of the local news stations who claims to have been "twice struck by lightning" at the Redneck's With Paychecks event over the weekend.  Based upon his lack of injuries, I question the use of the term "struck". 
  • It's probably not a good sign for the syndication of Kidd Kraddick In The Morning that the show has been dropped in Fargo, North Dakota.