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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • There seemed to be a huge drop off in the number of trick or treaters compared to the last couple of years.
  • So I had my full Art Briles costume: Baylor gold polo shirt, long sleeve under shirt, khakis, tennis shoes, Baylor cap, and a pair of headphones around my neck.  The neighbor kid saw me and said: "You're a McDonald's worker!"  (The Fake Art Briles had Slumped Shoulders at that point.)
  • One kid showed up at the door without a costume. "Who are you dressed up as?" I asked. He had the saddest expression as he said, "Myself." I felt awful -- I'm not sure it was his decision not to have a costume. 
  • After Sunday's NASCAR race, there will be 100 to 120 race related aircraft depart from Alliance Airport in two to three hours. I thought that was a sport for the common man. 
  • Autopsy reports show that the elderly and innocent homeowner in Fort Worth was shot by police seven times last May. Good grief. 
  • Odds of seeing a Duck Dynasty costume yesterday: 100%
  • The Fifth Circuit reinstated the new Texas abortion law late yesterday.  The Fifth Circuit is the Pat Robertson of federal appellate courts.
  • There was a funny ESPN commercial once which simply had various Alabama fans going through their lives using the phrase "Roll tide" at otherwise normal moments. It happened in real life this week as a teacher met reporters after being accused of going to school high on heroin. (I worry about you if you can't watch both of those clips and not laugh). 
  • "This bus has wifi, plugs, big tvs with surround sound.We're watching World War Z." - An email from Mrs. LL who is on a high school band trip this morning. 
  • Big win for North Texas over a good Rice team to become bowl eligible. 
  • Completely forgot about: Jodi Arias had a hung jury during the penalty phase of her capital murder trial in May. She still hasn't been retried. And now she wants her lead lawyer removed because, in part, he has an "utter poverty of people skills."
  • The Star-Telegram refers to the shooting of a man by a Wise County deputy this week as "possible suicide by cop.
  • Go over to BagOfNothing's blog and see his kid dressed up as a Dallas Cowboy sitting on the porch with that Dallas Cowboy (who just happens to be his neighbor.)