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Random College Football Thoughts

  • Good grief. A three hour lightning delay at the TCU/Texas game?  You see delays more and more these days but weren't they rare "back in the day"? 
  • I once went to a TCU/OU game in a rainstorm wearing full rain gear. (I just looked it up: 1998). 
  • Texas Tech and OU was a great game. Tech made it a heck of a fight. Their record is no fluke.
  • But Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury needs to throttle his "rock star status" back a bit. ESPN had him give fashion tips to journalists and he went along with it.  
  • I've always believed in the goal line halfback pass which no one ever uses, and I used to tell that to an OU buddy of mine years ago. Even he had to have smiled when Tech pulled that off yesterday.
  • There is no way Tech should have allowed that busted reverse by OU. 
  • And the Evil Empire may be back.  
  • As much as I consume Baylor football, I had been convinced all year that they needed to get to 7-0 before they would face four games against four good teams. I realized yesterday it is five games and five good teams. I worry about my mental health. 
  • Baylor is better than all five (TCU, OSU, UT, OU, Tech) but there is not way they get through that unbeaten. Baylor should put 30+ up on all of them. If they don't, there's trouble. 
  • But Baylor has won 11 straight games. 
  • Last night during the Baylor game, the camera kept cutting to despondent Kansas fans in the crowd. They've lost a ton of games over the last three years. I empathize with them. Truly. No one has suffered more than a Baylor fan. That's why I use the Walter White machine-gun-in-the-trunk analogy. I want to treat those last five teams on the schedules like modern day Nazis. There are some scores to settle. 
  • Last year, after the Cotton Bowl, I remarked on how fantastic Johnny Manziel was. Someone dogged me that I had "jumped on the bandwagon." That still bugs me. "Jumping on the bandwagon" means you have become a "fan" of a team/person and desire them to continue to win. I think the guy is great, but I don't care if he succeeds in the future.
  • Another buried college football beef: I once wrote that RG3 would never have won the Heisman had not the great last second TD pass against OU occurred. Someone told me I was completely wrong. You, sir, are an idiot. 
  • Place your bets on Miami/Florida State next week. I'll take Florida State. I haven't looked at the line but I'm guessing Florida State -6. Edit: Holy cow. It's Florida State by 21.
  • Urban Meyer is insufferable. 
  • Charlie Weis has stolen a lot of money. And had a lot of cheeseburgers. 
  • Nebraska's Bo Pelini won't be around for long. 
  • Mrs. LL is disturbed by the slurring speech of Lou Holtz. 
  • The ESPN feature on the "puntrooskie" is fantastic.