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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I had to mow the lawn again on Saturday. I'm not sure I've ever had to mow it this late in the year. Stop growing!!
  • I watched the Cowboy game with about an hour delay so I could fast forward through the commercials. 
  • After my comment about ghosts on Friday, someone told me a Decatur courthouse square ghost story that kind of creeped me out. A spiritual medium was even brought in (like that little lady in Poltergeist.) 
  • The World Series game ended with a pick off last night? Were the Rangers secretly running the bases?
  • I went to a high school football game on Friday and was reminded how annoying a pack of junior high kids can be. 
  • It's not unusual to see Dez Bryant yelling on the sideline but normally it is incredibly funny how everyone just acts like he isn't there. I'd love to know what he said to get Jason Witten so mad. (Of course, we'll never know. He was just being "passionate".)
  • When Vince Young was at UT, he tried that reach over the goal line for a score against the Aggies and it backfired. 
  • Is it taking later for the leaves to fall this year? 
  • Syria is still having a civil war, right? We were on the verge of dropping bombs and then it's completely out of the news. 
  • I've not watched Ted from start to finish but I normally laugh at it when its on and then feel guilty about doing so. 
  • Halloween costume "Hey, now."
  • Baylor's Student Senate is recommending dropping the phrase "homosexual acts" from the relevant portion of the student code and replacing it with "non-marital consensual deviate sexual intercourse." Ummkay.
  • Decatur put up 651 total yards on Bridgeport on Friday in route to its 52-7 win. 
  • Strange world: There was a shooting this morning at an Arlington apartment and Arlington Police have already released a youtube video about it.