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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I watched the 30 for 30 documentary on Jimmy Connors last night. Really, really good. But, man, they painted him as a unbelievable soulless jerk in the last two minutes  -- even more so than we thought he was. I love those documentaries.
  • I watched it in the bedroom because Mrs. LL had three ladies over to play some strange card game. And they brought their kids. Pardon me while I retreat. 
  • With the "lame stream media" (sorry, I just channeled Sarah Palin) jumping on the story that Americans might not be able to keep their current insurance coverage as promised, the Republicans need to likewise jump on that. But they'll just blame the President (who isn't running again) instead of the Democrats as a whole (who will always be running.) They need a better playbook.
  • Man, you guys were really worked up yesterday. 
  • Appropriately strong words from acting Wise County judge and current commissioner Kevin Burns regarding filling the judge's position:  “I’d consider anybody who hasn’t talked to me in the last two weeks,” he said. “It was just almost inappropriate the way folks were offering themselves [following McElhaney's death].” (via Update)
  • "Fort Worth officer lectures local bikers". That was just odd. 
  • How long is that giraffe thing on Facebook gonna go on? By the way, there ain't no giraffes on Twitter.
  • The general manager of the Dallas Mavericks resigns one day before the season starts. Mark Cuban has that team running like a well oiled machine. Craig Miller on The Ticket asked Cuban this morning, "What happened there?" Cuban's response: "[Pause.] That's a good question." Sheesh.
  • And can I rail on Shark Tank? That is so horribly staged and pre-planned that it makes Duck Dynasty look authentic. 
  • I'm not sure it was worthy of an arrest, but some juvenile has been arrested for harassing via text a handicapped girl in Plano. "The suspect is a female student who was close" to the victim. Well, you wouldn't expect the person to be a stranger. 
  • 40 Hottest Cowboy Fans ranked by a girl. And a familiar Wise County gal pops up in there.