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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • For some reason I read an article about the assassination of Robert Kennedy this weekend. I had no idea that NFL star Rosie Grier was the first one to get to Sirhan Sirhan after he open fire. 
  • Per the Update, Rhome has a "Full Armor Biker Church"?
  • Explain this to me: NFL commission Robert Goodell made more than $29 million from the NFL in 2011. 
  • I finally saw Mumford and Sons this weekend when I recorded VH1's Top Twenty Countdown. I'm not sure what I think. They aren't bad but they sure are over-singers. 
  • The prisoner on the run in Grapevine was shot and killed this weekend. The cops justification for the killing? He was armed with "sticks". It was an unnecessary killing by the police that no one will care about. 
  • Mrs. LL eats the potato skin of her baked potato. That's weird, right?
  • Saturday Night Live had a shocking skit this weekend which was a biblical take off of Django Unchained.
  • Danica Patrick won the pole position for Daytona. That is absolute and definitive proof that NASCAR drivers are not athletes. 
  • Mindy McCready dead of suicide at 37. Her wheels have been off for a long, long time. 
  • Mrs. LL and the girls watched a coming of age movie called Sleepover this weekend.  For a movie I would have never have watched five years ago, I was teary eyed by the end of it. 
  • Nothing like spending a Saturday afternoon watching a cup stacking competition.
  • Channel 11: "Good Deed By Boyd Girls Gets Noticed"
  • How in the world could the Die Hard sequel win at the box office this weekend?