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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a huge Internet rumor yesterday of Tony Romo being in a car crash and breaking both of his legs. I never saw it, and first heard about it on the way home when both The Ticket and The Fan were talking about it simultaneously. Apparently the rumor was engulfed by the Facebook World and never got traction in the Twitter World.    
  • Bud Kennedy last night with a picture of Greg Abbott addressing the Tea Party in Kingwood: He didn't know what the speech was about, but he doubted it concerned voting rights or diversity. Funny.
  • Sports: (1) #1 Baylor women beat #3 UConn on the road last night, and I watched every second of it, (2) Johnny Manziel is only taking online classes this Spring because he's become such a distraction in Aggieland. Kind of defeats the college experience, doesn't it? (3) Josh Hamilton got everyone fired up because he said Dallas was not a "baseball town". He may be dumb, but he's right about that, (4) The only college football teams to go for it on fourth down more than they punted it are Air Force and Army. That seems fitting. 
  • Ted Cruz is getting roasted by being the new "bad boy" of the Senate. I respect him for taking the positions he said he would, but he will be incredibly insignificant and irrelevant for doing so. 
  • Tim Tebow is going to speak at the First Baptist of Dallas but now the national media is finally focusing on its crazy (and, my words, "ambiguously gay" pastor.) "Agreeing to speak at intolerant church is Tebow's greatest sin" reads the headline.
  • Mrs. LL made a call back joke the other day to the Geico commercial of, "Because I'm a pooooooothole." Loved that commercial. 
  • Ticket fans only: Did former Tech coach Spike Dykes record that commercial in a well? 
  • From the Update: "Senior citizens ages 55 and older are invited to an enchilada lunch with all the trimmings noon Thursday at the Decatur Senior Citizen Center." 55? Woah! Woah! Woah! Let's tap the brakes on that minimum age!
  • The jury in Fort Worth returns today to deliberate the guilt/not guilt of the female counselor accused of "sexual assault" by using her position to seduce a husband of another women. Hey, sue her if you want to but the State of Texas prosecutes that as a crime?
  • Something I read in 2011 that stuck with me: The federal government does not have the budget of the typical American family. During times of a recession, if the government does not spend more than it has, the country might not pull out of it. 
  • All the Girls In The House are convinced the Family Pup is pregnant. 
  • If I ever read a headline about a shooting in or outside of a metroplex club, I have to click on the story to read the name of the place. There was one last night in Dallas. The name of the club? "Chocolate City".
  • What I refer to as a "Hey, Now", TMZ says "Great Googly Moogly!" I may like their saying better. (In reference to a new pic of Katherine Webb, the Alabama QB's girlfriend.)
  • I finally watched Duck Dynasty last night after everyone told me that I would hate it. I didn't. But I didn't like it either. It's more scripted than a State of the Union speech.