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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Up until I tore my Achilles a few years back, I used to brag about never having spent a night in the hospital. Over Thanksgiving, I learned I was admitted to Cook's Children's Hospital when I was 18 months old. 
  • X-box with the kinect is amazing technology. I'm giving big thumbs up.
  • Sports: (1) RG3 had no business being on the field after the first quarter yesterday because he was so hobbled. If he hasn't torn his ACL or MCL, I'll be shocked. (2) I've watched a ton of college football in my life, but I've never seen a better performance than Johnny Manziel against Oklahoma. (3) Hockey is back? Meh. (4) I bet the Aggies will open up in the Top Five next year. 
  • Two Southlake teens died of an overdose. I bet they "got hold of some of the wrong stuff."  And another guy was arrested in the incident who has one crazy book in photo.
  • I mentioned my buddy Robert Wagstaff last Friday. His hunting accident made the Abilene news. He's lucky to be alive. 
  • I've never had a flu shot. 
  • There are lots of headlines about a Cleburne pastor having acted in prior porn films. His actual quote was, "Me and my ex-wife were in porn, we were in the booze and the drugs.” I think that's an admission of watching porn, not starring in it. (And after seeing his interview last night on the news, he was pretty easy to forgive.)
  • The Ticket/Cumulus ran a radio ad a month or so ago advertising for a position in sales for females who were also young. Uh, you can't do that. I heard it once and have never heard it again. I'm guessing someone pointed that out to them. 
  • And Another.