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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • We had our carpets cleaned yesterday and they look fantastic. Check back with me in a couple of months, however. 
  • Elections have consequences. 
  • That being said, they are not coming for your guns. This crazy hysteria out there has those not suffering from the hysteria shaking our heads in amazement.
  • Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who may be nuttier than Rick Perry or David Dewhurst, even quoted Hitler last night to pander to the Far Right.
  • Who out there thinks the government should not provide flu shots to children who are not insured?
  • Mark Davis had a legitimate thought this morning: Any chance those who sell the flu vaccine/medicine are behind this flu panic in the news? I sure would like to own the company that sells Tamiflu.
  • Oscar nominations this morning for Best Picture:  Beasts of the Southern Wild, Silver Linings, Zero Dark 30, Lincoln, Les Miserables, Life of Pi, Amour, Django, Argo. How many of those have I seen? None of them. 
  • But, man, look at this list of Who's Who for Best Supporting Actor: Alan Arkin, Robert De Niro, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tommy Lee Jones, and Christopher Waltz.
  • I watched Best Funeral Ever last night (filmed in Dallas, by the way.) That's not real, is it?
  • Mrs. LL was shocked that anyone would ever write out a prayer in advance. 
  • Any commercial that uses the phrase "what they don't want you to know" is an absolute tune out for me. 
  • Very delayed: There will be graveside services Sunday for Samantha Jo McNorton who was found murdered in Wise County in November. (The suspect, David Malone, later killed himself in the Wise County Jail.)
  • Ninety percent of drug related arrests in Texas are for possession
  • I think the college head coaching job at a major college (Texas, Alabama, Florida, etc.) is a heck of a lot better job than an NFL head coaching position. 
  • I don't understand this lengthy hearing for the Aurora shooter to determine if there "is enough evidence" in order for him to stand trial. I wish we had that right in Texas which, for all practical purposes, we don't. 
  • Arguments were held in the Supreme Court yesterday on whether the cops can draw a DWI suspect's blood without a warrant because of the urgency created by the evidence of alcohol dissipating in the bloodstream. The State's attorney received a haymaker right out of the gate when one of the Justices asked him, "How come it took so long for this State to figure out that it needed to do this without a warrant?" Meaning, getting a search warrant has been good enough and fast enough in the past so what has changed?