The Campaign For DA


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • "The Texas attorney general's office has ruled that Tarrant County must make public information related to a sexual harassment complaint filed against District Attorney Joe Shannon." About a year ago, the DA's office hired a Public Information Director who I have dogged constantly as being nothing more than a mouthpiece for a re-election campaign.  Now we'll learn if I'm wrong. What will she say, if anything, about this?
  • Mrs. LL waited up past midnight to open our house up to a couple (relatives on her side of the family) who are in the metroplex to begin an adoption process this weekend. At least I think she did. When I left this morning the guest bedroom door was shut, and I assumed there were people in there. 
  • Nothing makes a house cleaner than having guests come over. You are all invited for the rest of the year. 
  • Thoughts on the Cowboys hiring of 72 year old Monte Kiffin as defensive coordinator: (1) I guess his age doesn't bother me, but I can't convince myself, (2) He's the father of the "Tampa 2" defense (which I truly don't understand) but I'll credit The Ticket's Jake Kemp with a great line yesterday: "He invented a defense 20 years ago to stop the West Coast Offense that no one runs anymore", and (3) I wouldn't hire him because of his idiot son. 
  • What a horrible fire: Four people, three of them children, dead in Haltom City. But there's something weird about that one. It looks like it was a small fire that was contained inside the house but filled the place up with toxic smoke. It occurred in the afternoon. My internal "something ain't right" alarm is going off. 
  • The NRA and Joe Biden met yesterday. Afterwards, the NRA said that the Administration could now check the box that reads "met with the NRA" and now they'll "do what they want." Even I agree with that.
  • The Wise County Republicans are holding a raffle with a chance to win a .22 rifle with a scope. Timing, people. Timing. 
  • 71 degrees this afternoon. 39 degrees tomorrow afternoon. (But I'll never utter that "Texas Weather" cliche which is like nails on a chalkboard to me.)
  • There's a lot of talk about the Second Amendment and what the "well regulated militia" phrase means.  A couple of year's ago the Supreme Court interpreted that Amendment and, although I haven't read it, I suspect the opinion contains a first rate history lesson. 
  • I see lots of headlines about a "trillion dollar coin" in connection with the debt ceiling debate, but I've not clicked on a single headline. 
  • I know I keep mentioning the X-Box and Kinect, but I continue to be amazed. You manipulate menus by sweeping your hands right to left. It is right out of Minority Report. (But I actually yelled at my virtual trainer in my exercise program last night when he said, "Come on. Don't stop on me" when the device detected that I wasn't completing an an exercise routine.)
  • And apparently the Kinect is a big player in Paranormal Activity 4.  Mrs. LL, a huge fan of the series, will freak out. 
  • Wow. Hunter S. Thompson and I have the exact same daily routine