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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Has Decatur's Firehouse Gym out on 287 shut down? Seems to have an empty parking lot this week.
  • Decatur's Wise Regional Health System recently announced a new hospital in North Fort Worth. Yesterday, HCA North Texas announced plans of a $71 million hospital pretty close to it. 
  • This time I think all this flu talk is based more reality than just the typical hype. (And don't you freak out a little if you believe you are beginning to feel anything other than normal?)
  • On Cowboy's firing of defensive coordinator Rob Ryan: I won't miss him, not sure he deserved to be fired, but I'm not sure he should have ever been hired.
  • I'm not sure why everyone got so bent out of shape about Brent Musburger's comments about the girlfriend of Alabama's quarterback. You can't mention that a girl is hot any more?
  • I went through a preliminary workout with the Xbox using some Nike program. Sheesh. I'd rather run five miles any day. But I'm seriously thinking about retiring from jogging and going to some other fitness routine. Just seems time to move on. 
  • I thought I was just kidding about building an ark.
  • You always here about some shooting at some spare bar in the parking lot of some seedy Dallas bar but last night a guy was killed in the evening hours at Red Rock Bar at Midway and Frankford.  That's a pretty high tone area. To make the story more bizarre, it occurred on the patio of the bar after an argument. 
  • When did Ruben's Ballroom on 380 towards Denton become the Crazy Horse? 
  • After hearing everyone talk about it, I recorded Best Funeral Ever on The Learning Channel last night. Haven't watched it yet. 
  • And I caught the first ten minutes of Frost/Nixon last weekend. Man, that really got my attention. Politics. Media. History. It's almost a trifecta for me. 
  • Alabama playing the Aggies on September 14th this Fall might end up being the most hyped game ever. (And how did the Aggies manage to get eight home games next year?)