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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • This is weird: The man who found the dead teenager last June at his doorstep in the Tanglewood area of Fort Worth (it was later determined she was part of a botched robbery), was found dead himself in a burning car on Sunday. It would have been the deceased teenager's birthday.
  • The Mavericks beat the Lakers last night. I think I know why: Look at how Steve Nash showed up for the game. I don't think a bow tie and a purse is a good look even for LA.
  • What happened to the churches that would put on the controversial "Hell Night" open house on Halloween?
  • I came home to see about 50 cobwebs made out of straight pretzels last night spread out all over the countertops. Apparently the were going to be "glued" together with some type of chocolate. The last I checked, the plan had gone horribly wrong.
  • You would think the Jersey Shore cast would show up at the destroyed boardwalk along the Jersey shore for a photo op.  It's too soon, but those guys would do it.
  • I've got a neighbor who has a trailer so packed full of stuff for deer season you would swear he was planning for war. 
  • I've got no desire to shoot a deer. 
  • Still the funniest Halloween story. I had a buddy who ran out of candy but had one straggler ring the door bell late. My buddy just dropped a bunch of change in the kid's bag which prompted the kid to run to the front of the porch and scream, "He's giving away money!!!" His friends came out of the woodwork.
  • When I was a kid on Halloween. I threw eggs at a state trooper. Heck, you'd get arrested for aggravated assault these days for doing that. (Statute of limitations has passed.)
  • Trick or Treating has made a comeback in the last ten years, hasn't it? At one point it seemed that the tradition had basically died out. 
  • Yeah, the senior-citizens-cussing commercial put out by is offensive but the only reason we know about it is because every conservative talk radio and tv show played it yesterday. (But it was an awkward moment on Hannity last night because you could hear one of the stage crew laugh about it when they quickly cut back to a live shot of Hannity after the  the commercial was played.)
  • I'm not sure I knew meteorologist Rebecca Miller was at Channel 33 but she announced she's leaving that station due to a "new format." 
  • The Forest Hill pastor murder is one crazy story.  But there was an odd twist last night when I heard the janitor interviewed who said he was also attacked with the electric guitar but "when he came to" he found the pastor was already dead. I think people get knocked out and "come to" far more in the movies than in real life.