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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I can't decide if Sandy was a huge news story or over-hyped because it involves the East coast.
  • But 50 homes burning in Queens this morning seems to be a big story that isn't getting as much coverage as it should. 
  • New Jersey governor Chris Christie was throwing the Atlantic City mayor under the bus for not ordering an evacuation. He's a born showman.
  • That dangling crane in NYC was really scary looking especially when it started swaying in the evening hours. 
  • Real vs. Fake photos of damage from Sandy.
  • Just a week after a man was given the death penalty for the murder of a pastor at a church, we had another pastor in the metroplex murdered at a church yesterday. And he was beaten to death with a electric guitar.
  • It's just too easy to make a Mavericks prediction this year.
  • I'm still awaiting my blood sugar results but I feel like a kid when Mrs. LL leaves the house and orders, "Don't eat any sugar while I'm gone."
  • And now I can't find my blood pressure medicine. I'm thinking of blaming the Family Cat who loves to play hockey in the middle of the night with anything that rattles.
  • I wonder how long of a leash Jerry Jones will give Jason Garrett? I'd think through the end of next season at the very least. 
  • Justin Bieber was at the AAC last night but The Ticket interviewed a gaggle of girls that showed up at the arena before 2:00 p.m.  It was mind numbing.