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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • What a mess on 287 this morning south of Rhome.  Lots of folks got to learn about the fairly confusing Saginaw cutoff four way stop as tons of vehicles got rerouted to it. 
  • "Woman's suit says Pantego officer caused breast implant to rupture during arrest."
  • I'm not sure why a Highland Park kid accused of date rape becomes a major metroplex story. 
  • Had a guy in the neighborhood last night who would chase kids with a leaf blower while dressed up pretty scary.  I think some kids were traumatized. 
  • Did you know candy was expensive?
  • I yelled "slow down" at cars a few times last night.
  • Saw one idiot teenager on top of an SUV going down the street. That's a good way to end up in ICU.
  • I was kind of joking about my Chris Christie post below, but there are some right wingers which are really angry at him.
  • The New York City Marathon is scheduled for Sunday and it looks like they are going to run it despite the hurricane damage. 
  • Found my phone in my jacket in a closet. I had forgotten I put it on briefly on Sunday. 
  • I never have understood the fascination with the way Instagram photos look. 
  • Mrs. LL dropped one of the baby bunnies (I've mentioned we've got baby bunnies, right?) last night and bloodied his nose. That thing got more medical attention than the JPS emergency room last night. 
  • The Wichita Falls paper has a pretty good story today on the 50th anniversary of Jacksboro's 1962 championship team which included wins over Decatur (70-6) and Bridgeport (68-0).  I hadn't heard the name of Chuck Curtis in ages.