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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I dreamed I was in an airline check-in line and it was so long that they brought out the greatest pizza buffet ever. (Truly a dream.) But before I could get to it, it was all gone. That's part of my constant dream theme: I can't get to something/anything in time.
  • Something I never used to have to deal with: Buy something at the grocery store I really want and then discover it has been eaten by others two days later. 
  • Most overzealous law enforcement officers in Texas: Game Wardens on a lake.
  • The Mavs re-signed 39 year old Jason Kidd! They've re-signed Jason Kidd! Folks, get ready for the real Mark Cuban Era.  (That team has been carried by Dirk for a decade and Cuban had nothing to do with him coming to Dallas.) 
  • The Ticket ran "Rotten Radio" yesterday which is a compilation of bits over the last 15 years. I wish they would do that every holiday, although it sure reminded me of how the station has declined.
  • Former Wise County prosecutor Kevin Henry announced on Facebook yesterday that his 26 year old son had died in Los Angeles. No details were given. 
  • 45% of the population doesn't know how the Supreme Court ruled on Obamacare (15% incorrectly believe the court struck it down while an additional 30% have no idea at all about the ruling.)
  • If you promise a Third Grader that you'll have a 4th of July party, she will not forget that promise.
  • Former Bridgeport gal is now practicing criminal defense law in Waco and even got a press release. I've always said growing up on the mean streets of Bridgeport will give you an insight into crime.
  • With all the technological changes in this world, why do fireworks look the same as they did 40 years ago? Oh, and did you see where all the fireworks accidentally went off at the exact same time to begin the big show in San Diego last night? It's fifteen seconds of fun.
  • Did you see the story where an elderly couple in Mansfield claimed there home was physically broken into and burglarized of $20,000 of jewelry while they were watching TV with big headphones on? I guess I believe them. 
  • Garland motorcycle death.
  • Did any news station cover the Tarrant County DA's office silly "no refusal" news conference where one of the prosecutors would have his blood drawn in front of reporters? I didn't see anything on Fox 4. 
  • My Mormon book update: The story about Joseph Smith is insane. 
  • I think is having trouble this morning.


Anonymous said...

"Most overzealous law enforcement officers in Texas: Game Wardens on a lake."

Overzealous....I think not. They conduct health and saftey checks, partol for fishing/hunting violations, and enforce the laws of the State. They do their job, and they do it well.

Each year, there are many drownings/deaths on the lakes in Texas. Most could have been diverted. Game Wardens enforce boating and fishing/hunting regulations for that purpose. Most people hate seeing them come around, but thats ignorance.

"Texas Game Wardens Serving Texans since 1895 – Law Enforcement off The Pavement"

~Jon D

Anonymous said...

game wardens are rude and arrogant.
hey, tom bishop could be one. he has all the requirements.

Anonymous said...

Try this, Wiseguys. Take this short, 10-question quiz to test your knowledge of the new healthcare law, and then find out how you compare to the rest of the country, as represented by the findings of the Kaiser Family Foundation's monthly Health Tracking Poll.

I myself got 10 out of 10 correct, but I guess that's because I'm a smart liberal who doesn't listen to all the tea-vangelical and stingy conservatives' lies about the ACA.

Diggler said...

I have encountered the female game warden that dips snuff.
Blood draw was on ch 5. They are pushing to draw blood every weekend. What if they draw blood and there is no trace of alcohol? Do you receive a,"have a nice day or sorry". I am guessing a band aide .

Uppercase Matt said...

Re motorcycle death story -- do you ever really have to say that the crashing biker was "ejected"?

Anonymous said...

9:00 A. M. - in reading the checklist of perks about the new healthcare law, one sounds pretty good to me. As seniors on a fixed income, our supplemental premiums go up (with NO explanation) every year. Just pay it - no questions asked!! That's going to stop. The insurance companies must give an adequate reason of WHY they went up. This is an effort by the new healthcare bill to put the insurance premiums into HEALTHCARE for the insured and not into the pockets of company employees.

Sound liberal? I think not!

Consilium ac prudentia said...

0900 I took your quiz. I too received a perfect score. Guess even us dumb conservative tea baggers can get lucky sometimes despite all the hateful lies of the right wing fascists in this country, right? Or could it be that you, like most liberals, are more interested in calling people names than having an intelligent conversation. I would guess that the majority of those who are uneducated about the ACA are split equally amongst both sides of the aisle. And just for the record, conservatives aren't against health care reform. We are against expansion of government. The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.

Anonymous said...

Most overzealous law enforcement officers in Texas: ALL OF THEM.

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that the "conservatives" hate ObamaCare simply because it is Obama's plan. Mitt had the SAME plan and all was good.

They hate the Democrats and everything they want - even if it is the same thing THEY want.

They want their kids to have insurance but don't care about all kids. They want their elderly parents covered (regardless if they saved enough for old age) but those "poor elderly" can just suck it up and die already.

I just changed parties because Republicans have gone bat shit crazy. Jesus said take care of the poor.

Anonymous said...

Just to contribute to the conversation, did you know in this century no American health insurance company has gone bankrupt or closed its doors, unless fraud was involved? None. What does that tell you about profitability in private health insurance?

Also, if you examine closely the modern Blue Cross - Blue Shield groups, you will notice that almost of them have been bought & are stock companies. Up until 1986 they were organized (birthed in Dallas) as mutual benefit organizations with low overhead. Changes in federal law allowed them to convert to for-profit, so bigger fish started buying them up. A big paycheck to BCBS administrators is the result, with profits not going into improving healthcare benefits as in the past.

When things are strictly business, there is no room for altruism.

DF Elton Bomer
best damn Texas Insurance Commissioner ever

Anonymous said...

I guess that's because I'm a smart liberal who doesn't listen to all the tea-vangelical and stingy conservatives' lies about the ACA

Anyone can get 10 of 10 on your quiz.

Here's how you do it:

Answer no to every question that tends to make Obamacare bad.

Answer yes to every question that tends to make Obamacare look good.

10 out of 10. Guaranteed, baby.

Anonymous said...

Regarding never getting anywhere on time. Get used to it, you're married now !!!

Anonymous said...

Obamacare should scare everyone over the age of 50. Your fate and your medical care depends on rules, not common sense. You can wait for a long time for a surgery, or therapy, or not get it at all if you're "too old."
Maybe everyone should have insurance, but I have enough trouble paying for my own. I don't want to pay someone else's.
From a healthcare provider's point of view, it's downright scary!!!

Anonymous said...

9:46 - AMEN - when folks have PLENTY OF MONEY themselves, it puts them completely out of touch with those who have none. And not everybody who is POOR is lazy and wanting on the government tit.

Greed is what is ruining this country, and both political parties share the blame.

Anonymous said...

Neural transmissions from the brain to the muscles are blocked during dreams to prevent you from walking into the kitchen to eat pizza while asleep. Thus there is some inherent frustration with dreams. See this video of a dog who's neural transmissions are not blocked.

I agree with your comment about GW. When you've tried and failed at everything else in life, then you're qualified to be a TX GW.

Anonymous said...

9:00 am;

Guess what, the answer to the first question is also incorrect. Those without insurance will not pay a fine. They will pay a TAX!

DF John Roberts,

Anonymous said...

Nice fireworks last night. Think I'll leave my flag up through the weekend.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

Game Warden? They are dicks. Dealt with the one who is local, and even though there was no violation, their attitudes and arrogance they display is on par with some of our elected officials at the Courthouse.

Anonymous said...

Obamacare should scare everyone over the age of 50. Your fate and your medical care depends on rules, not common sense. You can wait for a long time for a surgery, or therapy, or not get it at all if you're "too old."

Please describe how this differs from the current state of health care with insurance companies running the show.

Each year, there are many drownings/deaths on the lakes in Texas. Most could have been diverted.

To where?

Today's RTG looked better on Monday.

And I agree about game wardens--although they do encounter more armed suspects than the average retard cop out there.


Anonymous said...

9:46 go ahead and vote for that dog eater i'll vote like i have a real job and insurance.

Anonymous said...

gamer wardens = dicks ??
funny and true

Anonymous said...

I too am Conservative and completed the quiz with a 10 correct.

What's the big deal again?

wordkyle said...

I love quizzes like the one mentioned above on Obamacare. The questions are all "Will the health reform law..." What will actually happen is still up in the air. For example, the quiz says Medicaid will expand to cover extra people. With the recent SCOTUS decision, which forbade the federal government from holding states hostage over Medicaid coverage, that statement is a likely "false." As with all things the federal government does, look for unintended and unannounced consequences. (Ask the Catholic Church.)

Anonymous said...

WK What will actually happen is up in the air.

So far the regulation pages are said to be at 13,000.

wordkyle said...

9:46 "Mitt had the SAME plan and all was good." Did the last year of Republican primaries simply pass you by? Have you read any news stories on the subject? It's a typical overstatement (and yes, I'm happy to use that word again) of the sort Liberals constantly use to rationalize their otherwise indefensible decisions.

Anonymous said...

Well said Jon D! Barry that was one of the most foolish things you have said in a while. Just the presence of the wardens on the water keep a multitude of stupid things from happening. If you think they are overzealous you must be the pot head in the canoe paddling through a dry creek bed you douche. Happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

I was on a houseboat at PK lake one year, and this was BRA which is some different than game wardens but not much -- anyways, I had put on a long sleeve loose cotton shirt because I am fair skinned and had been in the sun too much and I wanted to cover my arms. Apparently, possession of a long sleeve shirt on a boat is evidence of hypodermic needle drug use, and the BRA boarded our boat and searched our luggage. They dumped out my tylenol bottle and asked what kind of pills they were. They were tylenol. It was all very unreal to me. The houseboat was a rental pontoon boat, we weren't in one of those fancy boats with strippers on the front that just scream cocaine.

wordkyle said...

114 - There's also the matter of "selective enforcement." Illegal aliens are exempt from the mandate, and everyone's already numb to the number of "waivers" the Obama administration issued. (1,231 at last count, affecting 4 million people.)

John Holmes' Ghost said...

Randy Girl:

Nice... I have a hose for her..

Anonymous said...

That's the reason cops are looked down upon. BRA, Game Wardens, or no refusal troopers, they all like to feel as if they can control someone. Very sad.
I fear the rogue cop.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no comments on today's girl. you know sometimes you have to wish upon a star before you look up and see the moon pie. check out the feet.

Anonymous said...

I dreamed I was in back in the 8th grade naked and my teacher wouldn't have nothin to do with me. What went wrong?

Anonymous said...

@3:42 you were probably fat then too.

Anonymous said...

that michelle that that pro wakeboarder that the MESSerupper used to cover all the time?

Anonymous said...


Yes, that is the same Michelle Simpson that the MessENGER did feature stories on. I wrote a couple of those stories back in the early 2000s. She was a really sweet girl and she and her whole family were very nice. By the way, she was a slalom skier, not a wakeboarder, so I guess YOU'RE the "messupper."

Anonymous said...

Get rid of Dowdey