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First The TCU "Welcome To Freshman" Video, Now The Ags Say Hello To The SEC


Dr. Clarkus said...

lol aggy

Anonymous said...

That is pretty gay.

Anonymous said...


DF That's What She Said

Anonymous said...

Where is those gay cheerleaders?

Df bevo

DF Jackie $herrill said...

Aggy, serving up stupidity since 1876.

The TCU song at orientation was awful...but it wasn't endorsed by the President of the University.

It's been a long time since Mississippi State has had someone to make fun of.

Sean Elliott's Dirty Dead Kidney said...

I guess they couldn't clear the rights to "It's Raining Men" because the Big 12 exit fee cost too much. Both Anderson Cooper and that song are less gay than this video.

Anonymous said...

Zombie Reveille is climbing out of her grave & roaming campus looking for the people responsible for that video to bite.

DF Rock the Good Ag

PS - Damn, Bowen! I can live with the bow tie, but not this crap!

Anonymous said...

That's just what A&M needs: A bunch of pissed off SEC football teams! The Ags are gonna get creamed!

gern blanstenThey