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I've never really understood "fan voting" for the All Star Game since there was no limit on the number of times you could vote.  Throw in a major market (LA, NY or even DFW) and, with proper marketing, how one of those teams couldn't get one of its players to the top of the list seems baffling.

Well, apparently we've ramped it up a bit. Now you can vote via Twitter without, once again, limitation. That's the official Texas Rangers twitter feed up there.  By simply tweeting with the "#VoteYu" hashtag, that counts as an actual vote recognized by Major League Baseball to get Yu Darvish into the All Star Game.  Do it as much as you want. See a tweet with that hashtag in it and simply hit the "retweet" button and that counts as a vote.

Have I done it? Noooooooooo. The Bush v. Gore case was more legitimate than this process. #PowerDown #Beating #TiredHead


Anonymous said...

Here is another. After 25 billion a year for 30 years, the price of cocaine is 74 percent less than 30 years ago. Maybe we can get the governemnt to declare war on gasoline...

Anonymous said...

"The Bush v. Gore case was more legitimate than this process."

What? Lol.

Idiocracy is correct sir. Perfect statement for this post title.

Now, back to reality. The MLB voting process is rediculous. In my feeble mind the only reason I see for the limitless voting is because you cannot possibly govern who has voted and who hasn't. I guess the league could set up a sight and have people use their SSN to vote. That would limit voting to some degree. I guess someone could steal my social and vote for a player I didn't want to vote for.
Maybe you could only vote at each ballpark on paper.

Anonymous said...

1:05 -Win!

Anonymous said...

I think you should have to show a driver's license or state ID. Shore nuff.

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Anonymous said...

1:05 and 2:18=same idiot.

2:20 is also an idiot but is not the same woman.