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Fox News Afternoon Pick Me Up


Anonymous said...

My world indeed. Also known as Happy Valley.

DF Neil Cavuto

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Twin Peaks and Redneck Heaven in Lewisville both serve great food and cheap my nose growing?

Double Fake Pinocchio

Anonymous said...

i love me some twin peaks <3 best food ever ;-)

Anonymous said...

Twin Peaks always gives me a matterhorn...uh...I mean...heartburn.

Double Fake Sir Edmund Hillary

Anonymous said...

That is Carley from Bedford, TX.

She is a 6 out of 5, Bacon.

Nice youtube video of her.

Anonymous said...

Why are you watching fox??

See, I knew all along you were intelligent. You just like stirring the pot.

Anonymous said...

My Breastaurant Review:

Redneck Heaven - Best outfits and craziness, like dancing on chairs and on the beer wagon. Also, they wear extra-sleazy outfits on holidays. Call to make sure.

Twin Peaks - Best and biggest Hot wings anywhere.

Hooter's - Boring outfits and terrible food, but they're located everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Bonos - decent food, good drinks, even better fights, and they always give you a chub!