Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It always seems dangerous when a bull is dancing around a fallen bullrider. A death occurred because of it at a Hico rodeo this weekend. 
  • Fox News isn't fair to President Obama, but Newsweek wasn't fair to Michelle Bachman based upon this week's bizarre cover pic.
  • A traffic death can even get you if you're a Dallas billionaire driving a Porsche. 
  • I pulled up in my driveway yesterday only to see some dog frighteningly dart into the garage. A brief minute and an untimely "here, puppy!" later, I'm comforting a lost dog (pic) by giving it water and food. 
  • I now realize the utterance of "here, puppy" was a critical moment. But, sheesh,  I just couldn't let the the dog run off. Mrs. LL will head to the vet today to see if there's a chip in its dog body. Please. Please. Please. 
  • It's a stout little thing and walks around the back yard like it's a pig. It's a really weird walk. Then Mrs. LL proclaimed it the ugliest dog in the world last night. So what if he's missing about three lower teeth? 
  • Got a report that a "fancy" campaign bus was at a hotel in Decatur on Saturday afternoon. Anyone?
  • The downgrade of the U.S. by SandP sounds more political than financial. And as much as the Right wants to yell, "See, Obama is destroying the country," the downgrade came with a press release that took  a shot at Republicans for not being willing to consider a tax increase. Edit: The editorial in the link, explaining what I was talking about, contains a link to the official press release.
  • I guess I shouldn't be surprised that George Clooney's new girlfriend, Stacy Keibler, is a "Hey, now."
  • I went to a wedding on Saturday afternoon at the Decatur Civic Center with Mrs. LL who heard, "So you are Mrs. LL" a lot. 
  • Doesn't this sound like fun?: An outdoor metal rock festival beginning in the afternoon in Dallas on Wednesday which will be finished off with Godsmack, Megadeath and Disturbed. There needs to be an ozone alert issued because of that crowd.
  • Below is from Decatur, Alabama.