Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Want to know what the view of the official radio booth of  the Dallas Cowboys is like? It's a pretty lousy one. I'm not sure how Brad Sham does it. 
  • I watched a little bit of the Republican Presidential Debates last night and was struck by how much more entertaining they are than, say, 20 years ago. Or maybe it's just more sound bites and crowd pandering. I think we are about to be ruled by The Cult Of Personality -- regardless of who wins -- Republican or Democrat.
  • According to 105.3 The Fan's Richie Whitt last night, the monthly electric bill for Cowboys' Stadium is $500,000. I believe it. (But I also think I experience more shock when I look at my home electric bill than Jerry Jones does when looking at that bill.) 
  • I always write it as "Cowboys' Stadium" instead of "Cowboys Stadium" which is the official name. My spelling, for once, makes more sense.
  • The morning boys on The Ticket talked about their visit to the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg.  It sounds fantastic. I had no idea it was there. 
  • Want to know how the author of "Bush's Brain" thinks Rick Perry will win the Presidency? A short opinion piece is here and it's fantastic. Basically, he'll court the Religious Right to get the Republican nomination and then abandon that strategy and switch to focusing on the economy when going head to head with President Obama. The author is no fan of Perry which makes the article more credible. I can honestly see it happening. 
  • But why did Perry decide to confirm, with no pomp and circumstance, his Presidential Run through a spokesman yesterday? You have all that build up towards his speech in South Carolina on Saturday and you make the announcement via the equivalent of a tiny "poof"? 
  • There was another wrong way driver in Dallas last night (no link yet.) I think that was the third one this week.
  • Is Decatur the professional rodeo center of the U.S.?  We always here of Trevor Brazille (about to set another annual prize money record, by the way) but there's also some Brazilian named Valdiron de Oliveira who gets a lot of press.
  • Watched a little bit of WFAA/Channel 8's morning newscast. Verdict: A painfully awkward lack of chemistry. 
  • I'm really bummed that the 100 Streak is over. Then again, I'd sit down with Guinness Book of World Records for hours as a kid.
  • The Family Cat chased a bee yesterday and jumped on an accordion style window blind in the kitchen. Result: It tore in half. After I thought about drowning the cat, I wondered how a bee got in the house. If Killer Bees could engage in a cat-murder-for-hire scheme, I'm in. 
  • Tiger Woods, over the last year, has fired his swing coach and his caddie. I bet he's got a therapist who has told him to rid himself of anything connected to his past. After yesterday's performance at the PGA Championship (he's 14 strokes back after one round), he might want to rethink that. 
  • But I like that goatee he's sporting. 
  • Golf is weird. Once you lose it, you lose it. See Corey Pavin or Ian Baker-Finch. Edit: My bad. I meant David Duval instead of Corey Pavin (although I think Pavin might has "lost it" to a lesser degree.) Also, I think you can throw in Johnny Miller. 
  • Preseason football is excruciating to watch (the Cowboys were on last night.) But when did Tim Tebow fall from grace?