Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, we've got a verdict as to whether the Found Dog has a chip ..................That would be "no." Ugh. 
  • Now what the heck am I going to do? I'll get a better picture of the doggie, but it truly kind of looks like a Portuguese Water Dog. It's probably just a mutt, but a guy can dream. 
  • I forgot to mention that as Mrs. LL and I were watching it run around the back yard for the first time, I wondered out loud what its name was. She then yelled out, "Here, Skyler!!" (That was a Random Thought call back joke she threw down.)
  • I'm not into music, but the new services Spotify sounds incredible. (In other music news which may or may not be significant, Gavin DeGraw was attacked in New York.)
  • Somebody dropped off a "Bridgeport Tea Party Patriots" flyer at my office but it really didn't say anything crazy. Dang it. 
  • My neighbor vacuumed her car out in a bikini on Sunday. She wasn't washing the car, just vacuuming it. 
  • Whatever happened to "Google TV"? 
  • Wise County Commissioners have started budget talks with department heads. Is the proposed/preliminary 2012 budget online? I haven't seen it if it is. And is there a graph somewhere showing budget increases over the last few years? Gimme.
  • Funny tweet I saw about the downgrade of the United States: "Oh, great. America is going to bomb Standard and Poor's now."
  • I don't think I ever seen so many people (who happen to be President Obama haters) so giddy about unemployment and a stock market crash. 
  • I doubt if many of you watched the NFL Hall of Fame induction speeches, but I shook my head at Marshall Faulk who thanked his wife for "cooking for me." That's pretty much the best accolade he gave her. 
  • As much as I want to learn about the "Collar Bomb" case that is back in the news, there's very little to help me out. The very detailed Esquire article leaves a ton of questions unasked, and a 30 minute special on CNN on Sunday night was shallow. (Note to those that actually read the Esquire article: Did the sentence that started "With the help of his pal Barnes" jump out at you? Is that the only reference to how the victim had any connection with any of the loonies in that case?)
  • I've got a pimple. I haven't had a pimple in years.
  • Tony Romo gave an interview where he said his new bride is making a lot of changes in the decor of his house even though, "I thought it looked OK."  Welcome to my world. 
  • A Texas youth pastor, honey, teenaged girls, shower, video camera. Oh, my. (And it's a rare case where he was actually saved by the statute of limitations.)