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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Sherwood Schwartz, the creator of The Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island, died yesterday. His name is embedded in our minds because he would get credit at the beginning of every show with his name, and his name alone, being on the screen.
  • Surprising facts if the radio didn't lie to me this morning: (1) Gilligan's Island was only on the air for three seasons, and (2) The Brady Bunch never cracked the Top 30.
  • Some lady went all John Bobbitt on her husband.. 
  • Mrs. LL went through a drive through for dinner for the two of us and ended up spending $25 last night. [**Head Shake**] But we'll make at least two meals out of it. 
  • If someone agreed to fly you and two buddies to New Jersey, give you a luxury suite and another hotel room, a limo ride to Atlantic City, and pay you $10,000 for two hours to sign autographs, would you show up? Dez Bryant didn't. That guy's an idiot. 
  • My back is significantly better today. But I've been old-man-with-a-heating-pad for two days. 
  • $750,000 house for sale in Decatur.
  • I got dogged yesterday for posting about the 1998 Wise County bomb plot? Really? That's not interesting? And I bet most loyal readers had never heard of it.
  • Saw the season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm which debuted on Sunday. Boy, talk about jumping the shark. 
  • A bought a book yesterday off of Amazon by an author from Decatur who died of cancer at age 31 and before the book was published. 
  • Photo gallery of people hanging out at Northside bars. Wise County has to be representing in there somewhere.
  • Nancy Grace has a countdown clock for the hours before Casey Anthony is freed. 
  • Costa Rica was by far the best vacation of my life. A four hour rafting journey is still simply indescribable. (Junior Miller talked about his recent visit there this morning on The Ticket complete with an audio of Howler Monkeys.)
  • Teenagers lured a Domino's Pizza man to their location in Fort Worth in 2009 and then robbed and killed him. So the guy's widow sues Domino's for wrongful death. The more things change . . . . 
  • Coach-in-exile Mike Leach's new book looks delicious. I've said it before: He can't get a job because he's perceived as a Human Resources problem. 

Edit: Alleged Wise County related pics from the Northside photos referenced above: