Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I was surprised by the Casey Anthony verdict because I didn't think we had a rationale jury any more. Yeah, she probably did it. But how can you not have a doubt, and how can that doubt not be a  reasonable one? That, by law, means a Not Guilty Verdict.
  • And the "proof" against her is 1000X greater than in the Denton No Body Case.
  • Yeah, I dogged her defense lawyer, but I did tweet during his closing argument that he was doing a fantastic job hammering reasonable doubt. 
  • And Nancy Grace is mailing it in by running hour long clips of the Casey Anthony jail visit tapes that the jury saw. But it occurred to me those tapes, which provided the prosecution with absolutely nothing, only helped the defense by humanizing Casey.
  • Some "task force" is looking into a "suspicious" fire at home in Boyd yesterday. Here's a street view look at the neighborhood. 
  • Highway 287 from Decatur to Fort Worth, due to recent paving, may be one of the smoothest highways in the nation right now. 
  • The lady who led cops on a high speed chase through Dallas yesterday was kind of hot. (Or at least used to be hot.)
  • Had a buddy tell me that there's a scandal brewing in the Dallas DA's office that is so bad that Craig Watkins might end up resigning. Then, lo and behold, yesterday the FBI paid his office a visit.  (Keep his wife's political consulting firm in mind for future reference.)
  • Finally saw The Social Network. Verdict: Big thumbs up. And I was surprised as to how much I was on Zuckerberg's side. (There was a strange and passing Baylor reference during the movie.) 
  • Hey, if I make a post indicating it's something I missed while on vacation, you don't have to tell me that it's "old news." 
  • Decatur's 7 on 7 team will play today in Aggieland.
  • UTA is joing the WAC? How desperate is the WAC (they invited Texas State and UT-San Antonio last year)?
  • Wait, a second! Britney was in concert in Dallas two nights ago and I didn't know about it? 
  • Messed around a little with the Nook e-book reader while away. I think I could get hooked on that thing if I had time to read. Hey, how does anyone have time to read?
  • Moody's is considering lowering the U.S. bond rating? What a political hack move. And how they are still in business (after handing out Triple A ratings like candy on sub-prime mortgage bonds during the crisis) is beyond me. 
  • I've never been a big fan of the Old 97's, but their first album was called "Hitchhike to Rhome" which wikipedia says refers to Rhome, Texas. Anybody got any background on that? 
  • I didn't know anything about the little boy missing in New York that was the subject of the cover of the New York Post yesterday. But, man, what a horrible story.