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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Alert: I'm not coming back. I'm now an official Mexican Drug Lord. Or Mexican Drug Kingpin. (I've got to check my employee handbook to get the title right.)
  • OK, I'm also not one of the at least 40 killed over the weekend in Mexico.
  • Note to self: Try not to fly back on the day before a work day next year. Going from a week of sandals to a suit and oxford shoes is not a pleasant experience. 
  • TSA wasn't a problem. Things moved smoothly without an issue.
  • Cabo's airport still requires you to get off the plane by walking down to the tarmac. Weird.
  • I thought I had screwed up my back on the morning of vacation by lifting a krillion pound suitcase of Mrs. LL. It rallied amazingly though. Then last night, once home, the excruciating pain returned just by bending over. Not a good sign even though it recovered fairly quickly.
  • Morning number two of vacation was spent working on the logistics of putting in a new HVAC in the rent house. Put that out your mind and try to enjoy vacation, will ya?
  • I like all-inclusive places even if you do begin to get sick of the food by the end of the week.
  • Our housesitter's message on Tuesday (she's a teenage girl in the neighborhood who was just supposed to check in on the Family Cat once a day): "Can I use yall's shower?"  
  • Mrs. LL left her cell phone in the transport van back to the airport. She actually had them look for it, they found it, and they promised to mail it. Place your bets. 
  • For trip planning, I'm a fan of Most hotels have a ton of reviews which can be filtered by interest. 
  • Saw a kid at the resort who was constantly escorted around in a stroller although he was far too old for it, and he was always playing on an iPad. I nicknamed him the "Boy King." 
  • Another teenage gal spent two days being pushed around in a wheelchair after an injury. The only thing I could see wrong with her was a bandage around a big toe. 
  • Saw a lady in her 50s go down from either heat exhaustion and/or alcohol consumption.  Mrs. LL ran over there to make sure she was breathing and had a pulse (she did), but the oddest part was the lady who came up and diagnosed her as "obviously drunk" and walked away. The quickness of her diagnosis seemed to be in direct correlation to the fact that everyone didn't take three steps back when she announced she was a nurse. 
  • I'll admit, I'm still completely behind on the news.
  • The firefighter who died after the fall at the Ballpark was named Shannon Stone. I kept thinking that name sounds familiar but I fear I'm just thinking of Sharon Stone. 
  • A 16 pound baby was born in Longview? He is named JaMichael. 
  • Of the many things I missed about the Casey Anthony trial, one of the biggest was not seeing the reaction of Nancy Grace. (Here's one clip I plan to watch today.)
  • Read between the lines: A Tarrant County judge says she's really going to be strict with those who violate probation when the real story is "I'm not going to send you to prison for violating probation because that means more money for out probation department."
  • Car bumps rider in Tour de France causing a pile up and one cyclist to meet the business end of a fence. Edit: Photo. OUCH!!!
  • Keep hearing funny things about the movie Bridesmaids.
  • Watched most of the documentary about the McDonald's hot coffee case on HBO. The injuries the elderly lady suffered as a passenger (yep, she wasn't driving) were incredibly severe. Shockingly severe. And I was torn between how that shouldn't matter (she's the one who spilled the coffee) versus how much it should (what if she had been handed a cup of acid instead of just coffee which was at a bizarrely high temperature level.)
  • I'll try to go back on the "poll posts" from last week and add a remark as to whether I'm surprised by the results or not.