Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • It looked like it was raining on the west side of Wise County this morning. 
  • Last Thursday, Georgia executed a guy with a twist: They filmed it. (Story).  Why aren't they all filmed? Why aren't they all not broadcast - at least on the Internet? If the answer is that it is simply too gruesome for the public to see, does that say something about the practice? 
  • I bet the players got screwed in the NFL lockout resolution for this reason:  It took only a majority of them to approve the deal proposed by the owners, each player got one vote, there are too many players who have careers of three years or less, and those guys are not going to vote to miss one paycheck. They've got to get paid and get paid now
  • For those dogging me for eating at Taco Bell, ever heard of their Fresco menu?
  • The Rangers scored 20 runs last night -- far short of their record of 30 set in 2007. But it's such a bizarre feeling to flip over to the game as I did and see a number like "16" in the box score.
  • (For you hard core Ranger fans: Is there any more of a bizarre case study that Chris Davis? His major league woes continued as he went 0 for 6 last night.) 
  • I'm not sure who Adriana Lima is but I'll nominate her for the Hey, Now Mother Of The Year.
  • Saw a guy in the district courtroom yesterday with  a "I [Heart] Beer" T-shirt on. I don't think he lasted long. (I truly don't think people like that are being disrespectful. I think people like that are simply dumb. On the other hand, if he was charged with Felony DWI then he was making a statement.)
  • I think I'm one of the few fans of Home Owners Associations. (Never know when someone might put up a "I  [Heart] Beer" sign in their front lawn.)
  • Not an HOA issue, but does Decatur have an ordinance about parking vehicles on lawns? I'm seeing a lot of that on College Street. Tacky.
  • Texas Tech's coach didn't show up for Big 12 Media Day.
  • I think I've always been oblivious to Grassland partying. That's where the kids had been before the big crash on Saturday, and someone reminded me of a really bad crash a couple of years ago on 287 which killed three kids headed to a Grassland party.
  • The Older Girl In The House had a friend spend the night which caused the Younger Girl In The House to be excluded from some activities which caused a late night emotional crisis. I wished Mrs. LL good luck and went to bed.
  • Call me confused: The Update reports that Bridgeport ISD is cutting its tax rate and giving the employees a raise? What happened to the budget crisis?
  • Bud Kennedy wrote me in response to my question of the worst mass killings in the metroplex. How quickly I had forgotten about the Wedgewood Baptist Church (7 dead in 1999).  The worst one he knew about was a 1960s firebombing of a club in the Como area of Fort Worth called Lucky's Grave. Some of you Internet researchers try to find something on it -- Bud sent me this clip of the front page of (oddly) a Wisconsin newspaper. Without it, I wouldn't have any information at all. 
  • This Debt Ceiling Debate has me conflicted. Yeah, someone finally needs to draw the line, and I appreciate the GOP for that. But why didn't they ever raise a stink when it was raised 18 times under Reagan and 7 times under W? 
  • If you are a local guy or gal and unemployed, check out the cover of USA Today: