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The Cowboys' Longhorn Nightmare Is Over

Cowboys to release Roy Williams.

From Wikipedia: Williams was traded to the Dallas Cowboys on October 14, 2008 for first, third and sixth round picks in the 2009 NFL Draft (the Cowboys also received a seventh round pick from the Lions in the 2010 draft). He was then signed to a new contract through the 2014 season; Roy Williams agreed to a 6 year, $54 million contract, along with $26 million guaranteed.

Edit: "Yeah, but where are the Baylor players . . . .?" Blah Blah Blah. I'll have to get back to you on that. Other than the two First Rounders this year (Danny Watkins and Phil Taylor) and the 2nd overall pick in 2009, I don't know the others off the top of my head.


Anonymous said...

Thank Gawd they are finally jettisoning this excess baggage.

Anonymous said...

I heard they were keeping the Baylor guys.
There.... are.....Baylor guys playing in dallas, aren't there?

Anonymous said...

Evidently Leonard Davis is gone too

Anonymous said...


You beat me to it! I wonder if there are any Baylor guys playing in the NFL at all!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

.... and Marion.

Colin Jones went to the 49ers, so yeah there's you a Baylor guy.

Oh wait.....he's a TCU representative.

Anonymous said...

John Kerry was introduced at the 2004 Democratic Convention by Wade Sanders, a retired Navy Captain and Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy and was awarded a Silver Star. During the campaign, Sanders functioned as Kerry's lead attack dog against the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Sanders is now serving a 37 month sentence in a federal prison for possessing child pornography. We are going to have to build more prisons for all the liberal weenies involved in sex scandals.

Anonymous said...

I think T.O was from Baylor.
No, he was a Tennessee valley Junior College alum.

Well, he would have fit in well at Baylor, anyhow.

Anonymous said...

LOL....Ok I'll leave you alone.

I agree, Williams is worthless and hailing from UT only made it worse.

Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic .....there is a town hall meeting at the club in runaway bay on thursday august 4 at 630 pm . Barry can you help get the word out about this ?

Anonymous said...

Will John Kerry be there...or Wade Sanders? The epitome of the Democratic Party. What about Wu and and his dress up toys?

Anonymous said...

Baylor grads in the NFL...

Colin Allred
Tennessee Titans

Matt Bryant
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fred Miller
Offensive Tackle
Chicago Bears

Daniel Sepulveda
Pittsburgh Steelers

Trent Shelton
Seattle Seahawks

Justin Snow
Tight End
Indianapolis Colts

C.J. Wilson
Carolina Panthers

Josh Bell
Denver Broncos

Dominique Zeigler
Wide Reciever
San Francisco 49ers

Mike Singletary (2008-present)
San Francisco 49ers

Jeff Ireland (2008-present)
General Manager
Miam Dolphins

Double Fake Grunt Tuff

Your welcome, Bubear

Anonymous said...

ESPN's List of Baylor grads in the NFL.

Colin Allred Tennessee Titans Linebacker

Mikail Baker St. Louis Rams Cornerback

Josh Bell Green Bay Packers Cornerback

Jay Finley Cincinnati Bengals Running Back

David Gettis Carolina Panthers Wide Receiver

Joe Pawelek Seattle Seahawks Linebacker

Jason Smith St. Louis Rams Offensive Tackle

Justin Snow Indianapolis Colts Long Snapper

Phillip Taylor Cleveland Browns Defensive Tackle

J.D. Walton Denver Broncos Center

Danny Watkins Philadelphia Eagles Guard

Jon Weeks Houston Texans Long Snapper

Dominique Zeigler San Francisco 49ers Wide Receiver

And 2 of the above are long snappers...

Double Fake Skinlonnin Brothers

Anonymous said...

Lotta kickers and managers in that group.
You even listed a pitcher for the Rangers.
Silly woman, go do the dishes.

Leave this to the men.

Anonymous said...

Its Baseball Season Holmes..who cares about football

Anonymous said...

Well, at least Mr. Williams will have more time now for dating through the mails.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

I can see how the peppering of john kerry bs comments in this post really reflect the fact this is a post about FOOTBALL!

Anonymous said...

If I hadn't brought up the John Kerry comments which aren't bs, you would have never known what kind of scum he associates with no matter what season it is.

Anonymous said...

1. When I was at Baylor, they had more active players in the NFL than any other school in the country.

2. Roy Williams is an excellent receiver. It's titty baby Romo who was throwing behind half his receivers or not spreading it around at all. Romo getting injured was the best thing to happen to them last year. Get rid of Colombo. He takes so many penalties, he's the best yartd eartner for the other team.


Anonymous said...

Did we just have someone defend Roy Williams?

If your name is "Ragg" you need to douche.

Anonymous said...

I knew Rage and Barry had a lot in common. It all makes sense now.

Answers? I don't know the questions. said...

Good bye Williams, Davis and Marion. On your way out of town swing by the Ballpark and take Arthur Rhoades with you.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of who Kerry likes to associate himself with and whether or not your comment was false, it is still BS because it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FOOTBALL CONVERSATION AT HAND!

Anonymous said...

Baseball is just a worthless filler till football season starts!

The Devil said...

Rage, Please do not comment on subjects that you have no place commenting on.

When did you attend Baylor, the 1940's?

Anonymous said...

The Devil, that response tells me you have no idea what you're talking about, in yet another subject.


The Devil said...

4 years college ball at D2 school, I think I can comment on the subject.

"Roy Williams is an excellent receiver."

"best yartd eartner for the other team. "

Enough said!

"When I was at Baylor, they had more active players in the NFL than any other school in the country."
[citation needed]

Anonymous said...

4 years college ball at D2 school

I've got five in D1 (Google Red Shirt Freshman). I turned down the Sisters of the Blind College that you went to. I just couldn't get used to starting every play with a bass drum.

I think I can comment on the subject

I know you think you an, but to the people who know anythihng, you just sound stupid.


The Devil said...

So what position did you play Rage? Who did you play with, what professional players that you so casually mention? What years were you at Baylor? You are just a liar like the rest of the internet trolls! Never played a down in your life and you know it; toting the tuba at halftime doesn't count!

You are the one who sounds stupid because you never back up your talk. You never elaborated on what makes Roy Williams an "excellent receiver" or explained how Marc Columbo is a "yartd eartner" at right tackle.