Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Horrific: The news on Saturday of a father who opened fire on his kid's birthday party at a Grand Prairie skating rink and killed five.
  • Morbid: That skating rink opened for business the next day.
  • I wonder what the record is for a mass killing in the metroplex? Texas' current capital murder law for killing more than one person during the same episode was based upon a Dallas nightclub shooting in 1984 that killed five as well. 
  • By the way, "family shootings" in the U.S. left 14 dead and 53 injured over the weekend. 
  • But nothing compares to the madman (he's a white Muslim-hating male so we can't call him a Terrorist) who shot and killed at least 86 people at a youth camp in Norway on Friday. Think about that: Killing 86 with a firearm - not a bomb. 
  • Mrs. LL was daydreaming about what to do with the backyard on Friday and asked me if I'd rather have a "pool or a pond." As much as I tried to refrain, the next five minutes was spent explaining why I responded with "a pond would be good for me - you know, whatever" due to Caddyshack
  • Mrs. LL went to the Ranger game with her mom last night, but I was more than happy to simply have it on TV -- especially when I learned that the game time temperature set a Ranger record at 105 degrees. 
  • If you remember the Cat Lady Online Dater and like tricked up music mashups, you'll like what someone did here
  • There are some rumors that the car that was involved in the head on collision in Wise County killing four over the weekend was passing a car which was occupied by friends of the deceased. If not, what are the odds of three cars being at that exact location in the middle of the night at FM 730.
  • I've yet to see any news source say alcohol may be involved in that crash. 
  • Man, a lot of people died over the weekend. 
  • Today will be the 25th consecutive day of 100 and above temperatures. And they are talking about temperatures getting in the 110 range over the next few days. (Prediction of 106 for today.)
  • You had to have only one: Internet, Radio, TV, or Air Conditioning. Give me AC.
  • Has potential: The Wise County Reunion's dead and gone Roscoe The Rat has a Twitter feed. (Edit: Just saw that the Messenger mentioned this in the Update. I bet someone over there is behind it.)
  • Sweet Ranger game moment last night as a guy kissed his girl on the forehead during God Bless America. (Jarhead dogged me for posting that.)
  • I went by Taco Bell in Decatur and the lady at the window asked me if I wanted sauce. I say yes. I get back to the office and found one packet in the bag. 
  • An AA jet bound for Brazil had to return to DFW Airport yesterday after engine problems. WFAA says this is a picture of it during a "fuel dump" as it returned. Does that fuel dissipate so much that it causes no damage on the ground? 
  • Crazy crime in Rockwall: Thieves left 30 cars up on blocks at a dealership after stealing the tires off the cars. That's a lot of work for someone not willing to work.