Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Me in the middle of the night as Mrs. LL crawled back into bed: "Where have you been?" Her: "Got a ladder out of the garage to pull the battery out of the smoke detector since it's been beeping for an hour, turned off the sprinklers in the front lawn because you've flooded the street, and picked up dog poop. You?"
  • Tarrant County prosecutors dressed up as condiments. Good cause or not, doesn't professionalism have a line?
  • Rick Perry champions "states rights". New York state approved gay marriage. Perry said, "That's fine because I support states rights." He then clarified by saying we need a federal constitutional amendment to ban the states from approving gay marriage. [*facepalm*]
  • Vince Young is out in Tennessee although he should sign with the Eagles today. I bet he wishes he had stayed his senior year at the Evil Empire because it would have been more fun than every single day of his NFL career combined.
  • Heard that Journey was performing on The Today Show this morning. So long as the band has the Triple Fake Steve Perry, it's just not the same (even if he sounds the same.)
  • Bridgeport native and TCU footballer and 49ers sixth round draft pick Colin Jones has signed with San Francisco. I wonder if the new collective bargaining agreement impacts the salaries of late round draft picks like it has first rounders? 
  • It seems like customer service in big chains has improved over the last couple of years: Best Buy and Home Depot come to mind.
  • Former Tech coach Mike Leach has been on a book tour and making multiple radio appearances. Man, that guy has a Scorched Earth Policy. I don't see him getting a coaching job above, say, a UTEP. He's just too much of a powder keg.
  • Mrs. LL and I had to judge an impromptu beauty pageant last night performed by the Girls In The House. (I told you that Toddlers and Tiaras thing has gotten out of hand.) "Amazingly", my ballot, despite a complicated scoring system they designed, had both girls ending in a tie. That obviously put the pressure on Mrs. LL. I think she panicked and went crazy because I heard her saying something about a "Grande" award and a "Mucho" award. It wasn't a Spanish themed contest.
  • And then she awarded the dog the "Donde Esta La Biblioteca" Award. Yep, she went nuts.
  • New Jersey governor (and Far Right Poster Child) Chris Christie was hospitalized yesterday and blamed asthma as the reason. I blame cheeseburgers.