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Less THan 24 Hours Before Your Most Trusted Source In News is Back In The States

So I checkED in just to make sure that Wise County - the Place and the Blog - are still there (I haven't looked at the comments submitted, I'll get to it). But I've learned . . .

  • A big fire in downtown Bridgeport
  • Near motorcycle death on 287
  • A real death at the Ballpark in Arlington. (In front of his son no less. That may be one of the saddest thing I ever heard.)
  • I'm typing this outside looking over the Sea Of Cortez and a bird almost took my head off two seconds ago. I've got my eye on him. I've named him Nemesis Bird. 
  • A lady ran off the road in Wise County and was dangling off a cliff? How big does a drop off have to be to constitute a cliff? 
  • Another wreck in Paradise where a guy rear-ended another vehicle.
  • And photographer Joe Duty brought his A Game and was there at everyone. (I'm assuming it was his picks -- didn't look at they byline.)
  • If everything doesn't get screwed up, we're going to take a small boat ride to the famous "arch" this morning. (That's "el archo" to my Spanish readers.)
  • Mrs. LL learned a handful of Spanish words and has been using them like nobody's business. I've beaten her down by saying, "Next time, ask him, 'Dónde está la biblioteca?'"
  • Rhiana's stage in Dallas at the Americna Airlines Center caught on fire last night?