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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Turned on the TV at 5:05 a.m this morning. - just as Kate Middleton was walking down the aisle. Man, I had forgotten what a production a Royal Wedding is. (And I didn't know her sister, Pippa, was a "Hey, now.")
  • I then went into Channel Search Mode and found that the wedding was on Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC. CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Fox Business (with comedy commentary), CNN Headline News, TLC, E!, KERA, and some Spanish Channels.And I bet I missed some. 
  • I have a dumb question: Can you walk through Westminister Abbey as a tourist? (Yeah, I know Google has the answer.)
  • The first kiss on the balcony - A tradition you can forget about after thirty years between royal weddings. Wow, thirty years.
  • Mrs. LL mowed the grass yesterday -- she likes to. Really.
  • As the first round of the NFL draft wound down last night, Mrs. LL walked by and asked "So who all got drafted?" I might have given her a "Say, what?" look.  
  • I should have at least said two guys from Baylor and none from UT, but even I realize that's a meaningless victory. 
  • One NFL draft name game and then I'll move on: There's a player named Prince Amukamara who has five sisters named Princess, Promise, Peace, Precious, and Passionate.
  • The number of hits on Liberally Lean were the same yesterday as always, but it might be a record for fewest comments. What gives?
  • Did you see that Pete Delkus was sent to Tuscaloosa? Does WFAA have an accounting entry for "Unnecessary Expenses"? 
  • With little fan fare, the Texas house passed new redistricting legislation yesterday that keeps Wise County and Phil King together. We just don't know how to quit him. 
  • The average national gas price record is $4.11. We are headed in that direction.
  • The guy who stole scrap metal from a building after the Great Paradise, Texas Fire of 2008 (and received 10 years in prison for it from a jury) had his conviction affirmed on appeal yesterday.
  • As was a Wise County felony DWI case where the guy received six years in prison from a jury.
  • And in a case out of Tarrant County, a DWI conviction was actually reversed when the trial court failed to advise the jury about the law of an "involuntary act" when there was some evidence that revealed the Defendant took an Ambien by mistake.
  • Most people don't know you can be guilty of DWI if your messed up on drugs you have a prescription for. But that makes sense: Alcohol is legal, too. 
  • Dawned on me that there were very few, if any, fundraisers for those that lost their lake homes around Possum Kingdom Lake because of the fires. Do you think there was the attitude of, "Well, if they can afford a lake home . . . . "
  • Rick Perry bashed the Obama Administration yesterday for "taking care" of Alabama but not Texas. Uh, there might be a slight difference.  Does he not have a TV in his public funded $10,000 a month rent house?