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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Had another alleged drunk driver smash into a police car last night in the metroplex. I think that's the fifth time that has happened this year. Amazing. 
  • The Messenger proposed that it and Liberally Lean co-sponsor a golf hole for an upcoming golf tournament at Runaway Bay. Talk about extending an olive branch!  (But it'd probably be funnier to just have the sign at the hole say "Co-Sponsored by Wise County Sunnis and Shiites." It be worth it to see the question marks form above everyone's head.) 
  • Moving the NFL Draft to Thursday night was a great idea. (And my favorite part is when ESPN has the guts to replay snippets of old drafts where the analysts totally botch their prediction of greatness for a pick.)
  • Birth Certificate Afterthoughts: (1) I liked President Obama referring to the fake controversy as "silliness" yesterday, and (2) Trump now looks more like a snake oil salesman than he is (which is hard to do.)
  • And if today you are questioning the birth certificate's authenticity, there should be a mandatory Crazy Person Registration so I'd know if you live in my neighborhood. 
  • "Seven Arrested In Meth Crime Ring In Parker County." All but one was in their forties. 
  • Tim Ruggiero of Decatur, who has been the poster home owner for those against Barnett Shale drilling, seems to have gone on a speaking tour. He was in Pennsylvania this week. 
  • Did I hear the phrase "needs braces" last night in the house? Tell me that was a dream. 
  • ESPN held an online poll to determine who should be on the cover of the video game Madden '12. The winner was the only white running back in the NFL. Let's see, what demographic has a greater online presence? 
  • When word was coming down of the devastating tornadoes in the South last night, all of the following stations stayed with their pre-planned talking head shows: CNN, CNN Headline News, MSNBC, and Fox. (By the way, the death toll is around 200 as of this morning.)
  • If Pete Delkus had been a weatherman in Tuscaloosa last night, I'm pretty sure his heart would have exploded right out of his chest on live TV.
  • Julieanne Moore will play Sarah Palin in the new HBO movie based upon the great book, Game Change. Wow, she's a dead ringer
  • You'll have to be old with religious background to stop down for this one: The author and subject of The Cross and the Switchblade has died in a Texas crash.
  • Edit: The most shocking news conference ever by Gloria Allred. She's easily in the Top Ten of my "most despised" list. 


Bacon said...

Bacon Scale
Left 2 out of 5
Right 2 out of 5
Not bad.
I think the one on the left has a little to much hanging out. Dont Zoom IN?!?!?!

el chupacabra said...

When I was a kid every religious person who was trying to save you from a life of thuggery would impress a copy of The Cross And The Sitchblade on you when they found out you liked to read.

WhitneyLeigh said...
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Doc Feelgood said...

I never have understood the controversy over the birth certificate. It seems to me it should be a very short conversation. The Constitution lists the qualifications to be the POTUS, and everyone should prove they meet those qualifications in order to have their name on the ballot. If you decline to prove you are a natural-born citizen of the US, OK, your name won't be on the ballot. If a political party nominates a candidate without knowing whether he/she meets the qualifications, well, that's their bad.
The Constitution also provides for a way to change it. Simply ignoring what it says isn't a way. Until all this happened, I didn't even know that the candidates are not required to produce their birth certificate. Shouldn't they all do that?

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Someone should tell those banjo tuners that they have a leaky cooler.

I heard on the news this am that this was the worst outbreak of tornados ever, breaking the record of (I think) a storm system in the 70s? 200 people dead from tornados... seems impossible in today's world.

David Wilkerson. I do remember Run, Baby Run and the Cross and the Switchblade. I remember watching the 70s version of the flick at church as a little kid and having nightmares about getting knifed for weeks afterwards.

Love your idea about using the Birther argument as a qualifier to see if I want to interact with people. I will add it to my current list of;

> Do you believe the Moon landings were faked?
> Do you believe Aliens have abducted people and returned them?
> Did President Bush/US Gov blow up the WTC?

Rage said...

Did President Bush/US Gov blow up the WTC?

Dude. Of course!

/don't ask me about FDR and Pearl Harbor though

The Devil said...

"Birth Certificate Afterthoughts: (1) I liked President Obama referring to the fake controversy as "silliness" yesterday, and (2) Trump now looks more like a snake oil salesman than he is (which is hard to do.)"

They are both snake-oil salesmen, just depends on which brand of snake-oil you prefer!

Triple Fake... said...

Here's my solution to the problem of drunks ramming into squad cars: Set up fake police cars on the side of the road. Drunk drivers seem to be attracted to them like magnets. If they get kilt in the process - big deal. Fewer problems to deal with on the road. The b!@#ards obviously (and obliviously) don't care about themselves or the safety of others

You're welcome, America!

Danny Boy said...

Will anyone cry when Alred dies?

gamma sue said...

While the tornadoes were occuring SOMEWHERE ELSE, I was enjoying my usual programming, thank God. At least they didn't preempt our programming to tell us about something happening in another state. Of course I don't watch those news channels anyway, but I was certainly glad I didn't have to hear of the woes of the southerners during American Idol.

Slidercoach said...

Braces......welcome to the real world. Mrs LL scored quite a catch

Anonymous said...

Mr. Honcho, I have about the same list of qualifier questions. Those who fail don't deserve much additional attention.

el chupacabra said...

Gloria Allred could make me START a Most Despised List! She has a screw loose somewhere.

Arthur said...

Nothing says "Google sucks hind tit" better than four day old reax to the greatness of the LL blog.

Have you ever considered the Wise County Druze, Ismailis and Alawis might want to get in on that golf tourney action?

One thing Donald Trump has in his favor is his Reality Distortion Field.  Its power rivals that of POTUS.  Both sets of acolytes have been drawn in and can't see that there may be less to the man than meets the eye.  Another thing Trump has going for himself is his experience loading up an organization with unsustainable debt.  Four corporate bankruptcies, three marriages and a failed football league.  That man has the Midas Touch.  Everything he touches turns to mufflers.  He's a wet dream for the opposition research departments of the rest of the 2012 GOP contenders.  As Flounder put it best, "This is gonna be great!"