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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Had another alleged drunk driver smash into a police car last night in the metroplex. I think that's the fifth time that has happened this year. Amazing. 
  • The Messenger proposed that it and Liberally Lean co-sponsor a golf hole for an upcoming golf tournament at Runaway Bay. Talk about extending an olive branch!  (But it'd probably be funnier to just have the sign at the hole say "Co-Sponsored by Wise County Sunnis and Shiites." It be worth it to see the question marks form above everyone's head.) 
  • Moving the NFL Draft to Thursday night was a great idea. (And my favorite part is when ESPN has the guts to replay snippets of old drafts where the analysts totally botch their prediction of greatness for a pick.)
  • Birth Certificate Afterthoughts: (1) I liked President Obama referring to the fake controversy as "silliness" yesterday, and (2) Trump now looks more like a snake oil salesman than he is (which is hard to do.)
  • And if today you are questioning the birth certificate's authenticity, there should be a mandatory Crazy Person Registration so I'd know if you live in my neighborhood. 
  • "Seven Arrested In Meth Crime Ring In Parker County." All but one was in their forties. 
  • Tim Ruggiero of Decatur, who has been the poster home owner for those against Barnett Shale drilling, seems to have gone on a speaking tour. He was in Pennsylvania this week. 
  • Did I hear the phrase "needs braces" last night in the house? Tell me that was a dream. 
  • ESPN held an online poll to determine who should be on the cover of the video game Madden '12. The winner was the only white running back in the NFL. Let's see, what demographic has a greater online presence? 
  • When word was coming down of the devastating tornadoes in the South last night, all of the following stations stayed with their pre-planned talking head shows: CNN, CNN Headline News, MSNBC, and Fox. (By the way, the death toll is around 200 as of this morning.)
  • If Pete Delkus had been a weatherman in Tuscaloosa last night, I'm pretty sure his heart would have exploded right out of his chest on live TV.
  • Julieanne Moore will play Sarah Palin in the new HBO movie based upon the great book, Game Change. Wow, she's a dead ringer
  • You'll have to be old with religious background to stop down for this one: The author and subject of The Cross and the Switchblade has died in a Texas crash.
  • Edit: The most shocking news conference ever by Gloria Allred. She's easily in the Top Ten of my "most despised" list.