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Star-Telegram Parent Company Loses Money (Again)

I like the Star-Telegram, but I'm nervous for it. 

Today its parent company released its first quarter earnings. I'm no business guy, but when ad sales and circulation sales both drop, things aren't good. 
The company reported a net loss of $2 million and a revenue decrease of 9.5 percent to $303.7 million from January to March. Advertising and circulation revenue were down with total ad revenue decreasing 11 percent to $225 million and circulation revenue dipping 5 percent to $66 million. More.
The head of the company also said they "would experiment with a digital subscription model on one of its mid-size newspapers."  A list of its newspapers is here. I wonder if the Star-Telegram qualifies as "mid-size"? You would think its web site has benefited from the Morning News' paywall, but I can see it happening.


el chupacabra said...

I have read the FWST since I was a precocious pre-teen reader.
I'm not even saying it's demise is inevitable, but I miss it already.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the size of the cities where they are located, I'd say the S-T is more than mid-size

There were some stints in foreign lands (Houston, Dallas, etc.), but the S-T has always been it for me. If they go on-line only, how am I supposed to work the NY Times crossword while waiting for, say...a tire rotation, or my favorite "girlfriend" to finish up with her other, uh, clients? By the way, for a superb tire rotation, skip the garage and go see your "girlfriend"!
And you can't do the puzzle on the computer - the magic marker on the monitor obscures other stuff when you go to different websites!

Triple Fake Will Shortz

Anonymous said...

I have broken my addiction of reading any newspaper. I think it's on the way out.

Anonymous said...

Firing Bob Ray Saunders would save some money.

Anonymous said...

As a former newspaper reporter, I'm not sure requiring people to subscribe online is the answer. The name of the game is advertising, you want people to see the advertising, and the advertisers bring in a whole lot more than the subscribers do! It's like charging people to watch CBS programming.

One of the reasons I left the journalism profession (in addition to many of the harsh realities that a reporter must endure pay-wise) was because I recognized that most publishers and editors ARE NOT in tune with what issues concern most readers. Just look at our bi-weekly Wise County Messenger as an example (a small-town example, but an example, nevertheless). All it is is car wrecks, a rundown of government meetings and boring feature stories........and WHO GIVES A **** about any of that? It's a snooze fest!

And most newspapers are like this!

Editors aren't making their reporters investigate the story behind the story to produce compelling narrative......and that's why newspapers aren't selling anymore!

Anonymous said...

Always enjoyed the S-T. It was one of the better performers in the McClatchey chain of pubs. Hope it hangs on.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

I only buy it for the coupons!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a former S-T reporter who still has many friends who work there. Here's what McClatchy doesn't want to admit: The Star-Telegram makes money --- lots of it --- it always has. It's one of the most profitable newspapers in the chain. However, with top down management effecting the entire chain, the S-T gets dragged down. When McClatchy makes staff cuts, the S-T has to make cuts too, deserved or not.

The best the paper can hope for is for Amon Carter to come back from the dead and reclaim his cherished publication and save it from the ridiculous CEO culture that's going to be the end of all of us working stiffs.