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Star-Telegram Parent Company Loses Money (Again)

I like the Star-Telegram, but I'm nervous for it. 

Today its parent company released its first quarter earnings. I'm no business guy, but when ad sales and circulation sales both drop, things aren't good. 
The company reported a net loss of $2 million and a revenue decrease of 9.5 percent to $303.7 million from January to March. Advertising and circulation revenue were down with total ad revenue decreasing 11 percent to $225 million and circulation revenue dipping 5 percent to $66 million. More.
The head of the company also said they "would experiment with a digital subscription model on one of its mid-size newspapers."  A list of its newspapers is here. I wonder if the Star-Telegram qualifies as "mid-size"? You would think its web site has benefited from the Morning News' paywall, but I can see it happening.