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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Smart phone "apps" that are nothing more than web sites aren't "apps" at all. Do you really need an app for an insurance company or a funeral home? 
  • The Family Cat still has the inverted funnel around her neck to keep her from chewing on her stitches. But five days post surgery, she's back to acting like a fool. 
  • A federal judge issued an injunction yesterday ordering the NFL lockout stopped and refused to stay her ruling. (That almost seems like a double negative.) Translation: "The players go back to work now and I'm not putting that decision on hold while you appeal."
  • And with that NFL lawsuit involving a ton of male football players on one side and a bunch of Old Boys Club men on on the owners side, it seemed fitting that the federal judge was a woman. (She's an Obama appointment.)
  • Just when I thought The Neighbor Boys War was over, we apparently had a minor skirmish yesterday. The kids ended the month long Cold War by throwing a ton of charcoal over the fence. Mrs. LL considered googling "Drone attack aircraft for home use" but instead made contact with the Man Of That House who has finally made an appearance for the first time ever. Developing . . . 
  • Bonds were sold yesterday for the Weatherford College construction in Wise County with an interest rate just short of 8%.  Back in March, the county couldn't get a credit rating for the bonds which, we were told, meant they would have to be sold at a "slightly higher interest rate."  Isn't 8% a really higher rate? 
  • Motorcycle death in Burleson. 
  • And the Update is reporting a Decatur man, Mark Berube, was "critically injured" in a motorcycle accident yesterday evening. (A Mark Berube made a major stink about Decatur taxes back in 2005. I would guess it is the same guy.)
  • Defense lawyer Mimi Coffey was on WBAP this morning opposing deferred adjudication for first time DWI offenders (a proposal in the legislature that probably won't pass.)  Although she's got a couple of valid points, I wonder if she also fears that people will be less inclined to hire lawyers in those cases. Edit: Many misdemeanor people represent themselves. If they can get a deferred plea bargain offer without a lawyer, they might be inclined to accept. 
  • The counselor whose husband, a Belo executive, was killed in Arlington by a former patient reported to police seven hours earlier that she thought the guy was following her. Crazy.
  • Jerry Jones is holding a "Pre-Draft News Conference" today. Why? You going to tell the world who you are going to take or who you are focusing on?  (Draft Hot Sports Opinion: Cam Newton will be a bust.) 
  • Ron Paul pretty much announced his run for President yesterday. I've always liked his trailblazing Libertarian message but he was born 30 years too soon. 
  • A Texas high school backed down quickly on making its students stand during the Pledge of Allegiance after the ACLU challenged the policy on behalf of two students. (WBAP's Hal Jay asked this morning if they were "fat and lazy?" and said "they should leave the state immediately.")