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Ex-Miss USA Upset Because Of Pat Down At DFW Airport

She feared radiation from the scanner and chose the pat down line instead.  Once there, she was touched .......hey.......wait, a second!  Who is this? A former Miss USA? Really? You're joking, right?

Way to bury the lead lady.


Bacon said...

1 out of 5
Not good.

db said...

Where do I sign up for the job of patting down former Miss Americas? Surely I can specify that I don't want to pat down skanks, only snobby beauty queens.

andurpointis? said...

Quit whining, all you crybabies out there. Do you Remember the TWIN TOWERS? DO YOU WANT TO BE IN A PLANE THAT IS CONTROLLED BY A CRAZY PERSON? Get the pat down, go through the scanner, what difference does it make, if it saves your life. IDIOTS!

Rage said...

Quit whining, all you crybabies out there. Do you Remember the TWIN TOWERS? DO YOU WANT TO BE IN A PLANE THAT IS CONTROLLED BY A CRAZY PERSON? Get the pat down, go through the scanner, what difference does it make, if it saves your life. IDIOTS!

Please point me toward a study that shows a pat down or any TSA policy has increased your security.

Get wordkyle to help you, even. I hear he likes to google.

The Devil said...

Rage, how many airplanes have been hijacked on American soil since these security measures were put into place? What other survey needs to be done?
I know you were simply trying to be provocative with your comments, and sometimes you can be, but you fail miserably in this instance!

Rage said...

Te Devil:

Does correlation equal causation to you?

Remote Controller said...

How many airplanes were hijacked before 9/11 on American soil?

Plus, if you notice, the TSA puts in these security measures AFTER there has been a security breach. They are just reactionaries.

The most secure airports in the world only search "suspicious" people. They actually interview and have conversations randomly with passengers to "get to know them" and their security is actually trained in combat and anti-terrorism tactics.

We have spent billions of dollars to make TSA jobs more secure not our lives.

gamma sue said...

Perhaps she would rather be hi-jacked or crashed from a terrorist? GET OVER THE BITCHING ABOUT SAFETY AND SECURITY, FOLKS!

gamma sue said...

Remote Cont: how do you deem someone 'suspicious'? As for myself, I prefer that each and every body going on that plane with me is searched, including babies, their diapers, little kids, and old ladies. You can't be too careful and a search simply is no big deal.

Remote Controller said...

So what do you think will happen when the next incident happens? Then the TSA will "tighten" security even more? How about they train their employees instead of putting the burden on the passengers.

How do you deem someone suspicious? Well, guess what, there is training on that also.
Imagine that.

In prison, the guards not only search, pat down and do cavity searches on "Every" incoming person, they strip them bare also. Yet guards admit that contraband still sneaks through during intake procedures.

The Devil said...

Rage, RC...Would you rather board a plane with previous security in place or with the current system in place? What are your suggestions to make flying safer? I am not suggesting the new system isn't flawed but the major complainers seem to be those who feel put out by the screening process.

My point was to callout the fact that you seem to state we are no safer than before, but you provide no evidence and actually look to the masses to provide non-existant surveys to drive home your point. The only real evidence on either side of the arguement is flying has been safe since security changes were made. It remains to be seen if that holds true!

RC...The world has changed a great deal since before 9/11

Triple Fake... said...

I don't believe they do a cavity search on "Every" incoming person. They do it for every incoming convict. I doubt they probe the visitors and prison personnel. That's how most of the contraband gets in. Guards make money off working for the cons

Remote Controller said...

I just suggest we take from the safest airports around the world. especially the middle east where the terror threats are the highest. Body searches are the exception not the rule.

Respect and dignity of the body/soul and person should be just as important as, if not more important than safety.

fatboy said...

I'm confused.... what's a vagina?

Anonymous said...

Can you say strawberry mole?

Anonymous said...

Pat this!

Anonymous said...

Two points:

1. I think she meant so say that TSA touched her VULVA four times, not her vajayjay. You think women would know the difference.

2. Why don't they just make bomb-proof planes? Duh!

Arthur said...

Anon 1:39 pm, at one point following the Pan Am Fl. 103 bombing, the DoD and the FAA were conducting explosive suppression tests inside the cargo holds of B707s and L1011s at AMARC in Tucson. The research didn't go anywhere as far as we know and an armor-plated commercial airliner is a ridiculous proposition anyway.

The problem with the TSA and DHS is their tendency to defend against the last plot involving commercial aviation not anticipate the method planned for the next one.