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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Fatality accident on 380 near Krum this morning that shut down the highway. I always worry that it's a Wise County resident because I think we use that stretch more than anyone else. 
  • The assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan occurred 30 years ago today. For me, that doesn't seem that long ago because I remember it. Kennedy's assassination, on the other hand, seems like a historical event that I can only read about. 
  • Idiocracy:  Dallas radio station K104 has unveiled a new radio show called "Te Crazy Azz Morning Show."
  • Chico school employees were told yesterday to expect a 5% pay cut across the board.
  • Since my confrontation with the Neighbor Boys, things have been pretty quiet. I'm demanding my household thank me for 20 days of keeping them safe from attack.
  • I told you I had a bad feeling about the Aggie/Baylor women's basketball game. The Lady Aggies beat them like a drum (with a smothering defense.)
  • My prediction that the Rangers won't make the playoffs feels pretty good right now. That team has a bad vibe, and a bad pitching staff, coming out of spring training.
  • The 5 Hour Energy Drink commercial where the guy says "Let's do this!" as he walks out the front door annoys me.
  • The high school hockey brawl (which I still think I'm responsible for at least some of the local media explosion about) is a little odd because it was an amateur league that used high school team names. The UIL isn't involved at all. 
  • But appropriate credit for the video: It looks like the first place it was posted was at Ellis County's The Observer on Monday night. 
  • A school open house (went to one yesterday) makes me wonder how a teacher can keep a class of kids focused all day long. 
  • I got my hair chopped off for summer yesterday but had to endure the chatty hair-cutter person. (Was it OK to pull out a short-haired-picture of myself on my phone to show her what I want to look like.)
  • Lots of folks commented yesterday about the title of the Skip Hollandsworth article about the serial murderer "you've never heard of."  Hey, I had never heard about that story at all. 
  • "Obese Ohio Man Found Fused To Chair He Sat In For Two Years." Ok, how many questions jump in  your mind right now? His live-in girlfriend called for help when he became unresponsive last weekend. Uh......girlfriend?
  • Anyone have an opinion on Chuck Klosterman's series of books?
  • The prosecutor in Willie Nelson's marijuana case might have been joking, but there's something amiss about his statement (other than proving he's a knucklehead): He said he would offer a plea bargain of a fine only if Willie would sing, and I quote, "Blue Eyes Smiling In The Rain" in open court. 
  • College football fans: The Fiesta Bowl scandal that broke yesterday might be the beginning of the end of the BCS.
  • The tweeting snake is still a funny bit. 

Edit: I'm killing any further Chico ISD posts. It's all been said, it's getting too personal, and some of the comments are pushing the envelope as to allegations.