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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • That certainly got your attention if you turned on the news this morning: A wrong way driver on I-30 east of Fort Worth smashed into a tanker truck, killing its driver, and sending flames shooting into the air. The freeway was shut down.
  • Entertained out of town friends this weekend which means trying to hit some highlights of the area.
  • I thought Joe T. Garcia's would be a good idea for lunch, but being seated in the sun instead of the shade wasn't the best idea. (But this continues my streak of receiving the worst table in any restaurant.)
  • Uh, is their food overrated? (Sidenote: I hadn't been there in a while and expected too just see their standard two choices of meals, but they had a full menu.)
  • We ran by the Water Gardens in downtown Fort Worth on Saturday only to find it closed on a beautiful day for some type of construction. (So they didn't get to see the landmark that was featured in Logan's Run and what in 2004 was the cause of the death of four.)
  • To show them Texas barbecue, I chose The Railhead in Fort Worth.  Good choice?
  • We toured Cowboys Stadium yesterday. (Note to self: If you park on the wrong side of the stadium thinking it's a quick walk around to the other side, you will regret it.)
  • It's pretty fun to go onto the field, to sit in a suite, and go into the locker room (which had to be the most underwhelming aspect of the tour - I bet their are Texas high school locker rooms that are nicer and bigger.)
  • The most bizarre thing we did was go see women's roller derby over at the Texas State Fair Grounds. Wheel's Off. The league is called "Assassination City" and there's a JFK theme running throughout the event. They even had cheerleaders sprinkled throughout the arena wearing pill box hats and calling themselves the "Jackie O's."
  • Hey, don't jump on me for that choice -- even the Dallas Observer was there in the announced crowd of just over 1,800 to take pictures.
  • And if you like people watching, that was the place to be. It was like a crowd of nerdy bikers mixed in with women that could easily beat you up. 
  • On I-35 in Fort Worth we saw two Ninja motorcycles pass us with one of the riders then deciding to ride side saddle while the other did a wheelie. But no motorcycle death.
  • Back to normal random thoughts ... Fiona put up a new "hey, now" and one with a stalker-looking-guy. Edit: These are Facebook pics that I thought anyone could see even if not being a member of Facebook. I think I'm wrong about that.
  • Heard that our Wise County Park Murder For Hire lady was featured in the National Enquirer this week but I can't confirm it. 
  • I was watching Channel 8 news last night when they threw in a "filler piece" which concluded that a new study found that those who attend church in adolescence have a 50% of being obese as an adult. I'm no statistician, but having a 50% chance of anything doesn't seem to prove anything. 
  • Edit: Grammatical errors duly noted and hopefully corrected. It was a long weekend with a rapid fire post.