The Campaign For DA


Texas Senate Candidate Has Read Republican Playbook And More

Kill Obamacare? Check
Rights of the Unborn? Check
"Assist our cause of freedom" by giving me campaign money? Whoa. The man really knows how to go over the top.


Anonymous said...

Problem with that?

At least it wasnt:

-F up country
-Raise deficit
-Get involved in non-war war
-Lie to the publics face
-Never create jobs, just pretend to

Whatever happens, please dont screw up Cowboy Poetry!

Harry Balz Reid

Anonymous said...

obviously doesn't know much about law - needs to read roe v. wade.

Anonymous said...

The car wash he opened in Stephenville a few years ago sucks!

wordkyle said...

A politician (of either flavor) pandering? Stop the presses!!

Anonymous said...

There are no leaders in politics. Sad really. True leadership is so hard to find in America anymore. Nothing will change until this country goes bankrupt from all those stealing from it. What a great future ahead.

Arthur said...

Right there with you, Wordkyle. Too bad Paul Tsongas and his Pander Bear prop are deceased.

Anonymous said...

shouldn't we give credit where credit is due and call it RomneyCare?

Anonymous said...

His daddy's money must be running out.