I Wonder If I'm About To Start News?

This was posted on youtube yesterday, and I just saw it on a blog out of New York. Yep, New York. So far less than 400 hits.

We've got two metroplex high schools in the Texas State High School Championship of hockey and there is a vicious cheap shot. (The clip actually has two angles.)  I hear references to "blood" and that kid isn't moving. If he was seriously hurt (and even if he wasn't), I'm not sure why this isn't being covered by the local media.

P.S. Hey, teammates, way to stand around and do nothing after one of your own just got killed.

Edit: About two hours later, Fox 4 and the Dallas Morning News have got a hold of this. I wonder how.

Edit: The video went viral but the original poster of it on youtube took it down. I found a different copy which seems a little shorter. (And the hit counts have changed.)

Edit @ 9:00 p.m.: Fox 4 News leads with this story. I'm pretty sure they meant to credit me for finding it but some technical error prevented it from happening.