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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Traffic deaths hit a 61 year low. I don't care if there are safer cars, with all the millions of people driving out there and acting like a fool, how is that possible?
  • With a house full of females, I don't even start getting cleaned up to go out until I hear one of them say, "We're almost ready!" And I still beat them out the door. 
  • Does any company advertise more that Geico?
  • It's April 1st, the Red Sox are in town, and I just saw a live shot of a blanket of snow in Boston.
  • Please tell me that the "Claw and Antlers" thing isn't coming back this year.
  • The Lakers blew out the Mavericks last night (110-82) so I did a double-take when I saw the USA Today headline of "Lakers Beat Mavericks, But Not Without A Fight." But then I read where five players were kicked out for shoving.
  • Man, I keep hearing rumors of a Wise County cop being dismissed after some improper conduct in a parking lot. (Don't give names or agency, but has anyone heard anything?) Edit: There sure are a lot of people who believe it to be true. Sorry I can't post most of the comments because, although it is probably true, I haven't verified it. 
  • Fiona kissing sometimes-traffic-guy Todd Carruth. (He actually taunted me with this yesterday)
  • My questioning of why there wasn't inflation when the federal government flooded the economy with bailout cash a couple of years back? Well, get ready. The CEO of Walmart says serious price increases are coming, and the Fed talks about raising interest rates to combat inflation.
  • Courtney Cox is at the beach and she still has it
  • Obama re-election boost: Unemployment numbers released this morning show the rate has dropped to a two year low of 8.8% with 216,000 jobs added. 
  • The weeping willow tree we planted is still alive although I've seen healthier leaves in my life. 
  • I watched "Mobbed" last night where a flash mob of 1,000 surprise a healthy chick who then gets proposed to and married on the spot. (Family and friends were brought in.) She acted happy, but it was borderline emotionally cruel. (And they slapped a wedding dress over the outfit she was wearing which seemed demeaning.)
  • But then again, Howie Mandel is the host which might have sucked the entertainment value out of it for me. 
  • Saw on the felony docket in Wise County for Monday that there was a Motion To Modify the probation of Betty Monroe, the lady who was convicted of Intoxication Assault of Jackie Murphree. I'm not sure what that is about but I'll find out. 
  • I just realized that Betty Monroe was also the name of one of the victims of Wise County's most famous killer, Ricky Lee Green. 
  • The "Albany Seven" who won the big lottery this week includes a 29 year old girl that could easily become a "Hey, Now" once you realize she's netting $19 million. 
  • For those griping about Obama not getting the "approval" of Congress before the attack of Libya, the Constitution has no such requirement. It allows for Congress to only "declare" war -- something that wasn't done even for the invasion of Iraq.
  • Edit: North Richland Hills motorcycle death.